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Banned for riddling me piss.
Banned for pissing a riddle
Banned because his wooden staff cannot piss fireballs!
Banned for spitting fireballs like Mario.
Banned because they stole my princess and you reminded me of thaaat :'(
Banned for not dealing with it.
Banned for wearing Deal With It sunglasses and showing them off to KiNgBrAdLeY7.
Banned for not wearing sunglasses at night.
Banned for wearing sunglasses while staring the sun directly during solar eclipse.
Banned for having X-ray vision. Pervert!
Banned and because you made a valid judgement in your banning I can provide no proper reasonother than this is what we must do in this thread. BANNED!
Judged and Banned.
Banned for trying too hard.
Banned for flagrant ignorance and apathy
Banned for not introducing me to that drink and most importantly, to its drinker!