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^Trains plants to bully the undead.
^ Organizes zombies to riot and decries my Second Amendment Right to fill my yard with killer plants.
^Banned for calling all his mean grean killer plants from outer space Audrey.

edited for missing ban.
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Banned for supporting the zombies and not the plants.
Banned for preferring that he betray his kin.
^ He secretly wonders if the plants would attack zombies that "died" in a vegetative state.
Banned because this is not that thre- You know what, never mind. No one listens anyway. >3>
Banned for keeping track of how many times Hooyaah reminds us which thread is which vs. how many times he forgets himself.
Banned because i am supposed to be studying right now and you are distracting me from it by existing in this thread.
Banned for not realizing that LegoDnD should be the subject of your study.
Banned for subjecting him to your study.

LegoDnD: Banned for never playing Plants vs. Zombies.
Banned because I did play it, but I just don't remember Crazy Dave.
Banned because you probably bought the wrong Plants vs. Zombies. I also don't recall ever meeting Crazy Dave. However, I did meet Crazy Dominic. Instead of rolling walnuts, I found myself rolling bowling balls at zombies.
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Banned for reminding me of the eternal frustration I have when trying to talk about my first favorite game, Dark Cloud 2, and the only conversation I achieve is when I say "also called Dark Chronicle".
^ banned for being reminded

Vinry_.: Banned because this is not that thre- You know what, never mind. No one listens anyway. >3>
^ banned because the instructions necessitate a reason why the person above should be banned, it doesn't mention beginning the post with the word "banned"
Post edited March 25, 2023 by Hooyaah
Banned for highlighting how redundant having both threads is.