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^ banned of brothers
^ You're banned, and so are your brothers!
Banned because of Brother, where are thou
Banned because I'm right here, but I'm not your brother. I might be your cousin, but that's all.
^ banned for being Neumi5694's "kissing cousin"
Banned for banning platonic kissing.
^ banned for acting Goofy and kissing Pluto
Banned because Pluto was never a planet, just a really big comet.
^ banned for not knowing how Luna came to orbit Terra and its original origin
Banned for not knowing that Madagascar has a mountain range made of moon rocks, and just touching them will shred your skin.
Banned for writing a recipe for hooyaah-skin-soup.
^ banned for being skinned with an obsidian knife
Banned for dancing with the obsidian knife.
Banned for not giving the obsidian knife a dance. Afraid the knife will break your heart?
Banned for not facing the heart of darkness