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Banned for playing [url=]Heart of Darkness[/url] with audio off. That's a crime.
Banned for not editing your post.
Banned for not hating the forum engine. But I do it enough for us both, so you are excused this one time.
Banned for not hacking the forum engine. That's how you get it fixed, by first breaking it.
Banned for being a forum engineer while breaking a hacksaw.
Banned for pretending to not know where the gift card rack is in the mall, knowing that it means I'll buy from your store instead.
^ Doesn't know what I have in store for him.
Banned for not having a ban in store for me.
^Banned for keeping your bans in the stove.
Banned for killing Crazy Dave.
Banned because I don't even remember anyone named Crazy Dave.
^ banned because Dave's not here.
HeresMyAccount: Banned because I don't even remember anyone named Crazy Dave.
Banned for never playing Plants vs. Zombies.
^ banned because there are so many games in existence that one may hardly expect anyone to play all available games
Banned for making excuses, there's none to not play Plants vs. Zombies.