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Banned for hemorrhoidal hernia.
Banned for clapping coconuts and expecting to be mistaken for a horse by listeners.
^ banned for watching this clip too often
Banned for expecting a limit on clip watching.
Banned for limiting your expectations on when you can watch somebody clip into the Backrooms.
^ He has this video on replay at "the threshold of pain" volume level 24/7.

EDIT: (and that is, incidentally, the reason why his neighbors believe he should be banned)
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Banned for siding with the neighbors.
^ banned for not using those new (immersive, realistic sound) headphones that I gave you for Christmas... they're probably still wrapped!
Banned for wrapping up the mystery of the missing headphones.
Banned for not wrapping it up to prevent breeding more freaky raccoon creatures.
^ banned, because J Lo has been neutered

Banned because nani?!
^Banned because of Nannini.
Banned because nani nananana no na ni. Nananana nana no na ni. Come on everybody! *instruments play* Nani nananana no na ni! Nananana nana no na ni! *crowd sings* Nani nananana no na ni! Nananana nana no na ni! (Just a random song I made up)
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Banned because forum games can't have soundtrack DLC