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Banned for being so keebly that your joints snap, crackle, and pop with every little movement.
^ banned for making cookies in the hollow tree in your backyard
Banned for discovering my ant slavery operation! CRAZY ANTS ATTACK!
Banned for not clarifying that ant slavery is actually Empires of the Undergrowth.
Banned and permanently distracted by my secret weapon. *throws ragdoll cat*
Banned, because your ragdoll cat is actually made of pieces of cloth.
Banned for using that ragdoll in a Postal 2 cosplay.
Banned for preferring Postal 3.
^ banned for disrespecting the individual preferences of other forum members
You're both banned for even talking about that confounding contradiction.
^ banned for confounding contradiction
Banned for confusing conjuration.
Banned for conjuring confusion.
^ banned, because conjuring confusion resulted in your permanent generic avatar
Banned for being an incompetent Necromancer. And dis-barred, also exiled.