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Banned for thinking that there's technology older than the universe.
Banned because your default profile picture is definitely older than the universe.
Banned because your profile picture spoilered what is behind the helmet!
Banned for being the man behind the mask.
Banned for being the man under a raccoon costume.
Post edited December 02, 2022 by le_chevalier
Banned because it's not a costume.
Banned for considering it a uniform.
Banned because it was decided at the union of trash pandas.
^ banned for causing the trash bandits to protest the trash pandas
Banned for quoting that weird Mel Gibson line about the meat jacket and the heart from Expendables 3.
^ banned, because you must actually be inebriated
Banned for believing i ever made any of my intoxications up. They were all legit, actually.
^ banned for believing that I would suspect that any of your reports of self intoxication were fabricated
Banned for fabricating stories about LegoDnD defeating me in hand to hand combat.
^ banned for believing that I would ever construct such unbelievable prevarications... my loss as a credible source is one certain reason that I would not have done such a vile and odious thing