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Banned for trafficking Lego body parts.
Banned for blaming me for the destruction of LegoDnD's completed lego set that you accidentally bumped into while playing some mobile game on your phone.
^ banned for not having a nurse dress the wounds that Le_Chevalier sustained during the incident
Banned because I too was playing a mobile game on my phone that I didn't have the time to call help. >3>
^ banned because while you were playing aforementioned goofy game, you allowed a company of enemy tanks to flank you on both sides
^ Owns the tank company, and it's a non-profit, which donates tanks to homeless people.
^ Banned for being heavily invested in the recreational nukes industry.
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Banned for not pointing out that I forgot to ban!
^ banned retroactively, for not following the rules of this thread
Banned for banning retroactively, which is a violation of the thread rules even though it was an attempt to enforce the thread rules.
^ banned and my objection was sustained by the bench, no such written statue exists in regard to retroactive banning
Banned for thinking that statues can be written.
Banned because the writing was set in stone.
Banned because if you really want longevity in writing, send a metal plate with microscopic font into space and it's near-absolute guaranteed to survive 2 billion or so years.
^ banned for not suggesting data storage on 5D glass discs which retain the data for at least as long as the Universe has existed

EDIT: (And that's perhaps even older than I am.)
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