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Banned for making it harder and harder for me to find reasons to ban you!
Banned for not thinking of the classics. They still work.
Banned for Wolfenstein 3D i guess. Classics work fine!
Banned for Frankenstein 4D.
^ banned for ramming the rammer who rammed Rammstein
Post edited December 03, 2022 by Hooyaah
Banned because I was ashamed at myself for not being able to ban either you or InSaintMonoxide when the two of you were locked in that banning streak a few hours ago.
Banned for streaking in the banning thread unashamed at yourself so that it gets locked.
Banned for not letting your dragons out of your dungeons, to get exposed to some sunlight. They need to get their vitamin D, dragon vitamin.
Banned for thinking that a photon can somehow carry a molecule.
^ banned for thinking that light can be both particle and wave
Banned for being a ninja
^ banned for waving at the ninja
Banned for being particular about ninja skills.

Vinry_.: Banned for being a ninja
Banned because obviously he wasn't a ninja, or else your comment would have been edited to say that.
^ banned for being "Rude Dolf" and being acquainted with a female by the name of Raine Deere
Banned for enslaving the elves.