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Banned for worrying about what it looks like, instead of what it just is.
Banned because what it is isn't just.
Banned for apparently having more to drink, than I did.
Banned for having more to drink than my loli overlord is legally allowed to, which is none.
Banned for witness tampering.
Banned for witnessing the use of tampons.
Banned for objectifying tampons and tamponry.
Banned for rejecting the fact that tampons are an object and possibly even implying that LegoDnD was the person responsible for creating tampons into existence.
Post edited September 27, 2022 by le_chevalier
^ banned for aiding in the digression of this thread into a "very dark place"
Banned because Snafu Comics invented the game of Tampon Tag.
Banned because "comic" isn't even a real word.
Banned for doing stand-up.
Banned for doing a sit-down.
Banned for excessive exercising.
^ banned for excusing expletives