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Banned for making rather reasonable suggestion instead of rambling insane stuff.
^ banned for employing the word "stuff," rather than a more appropriate term, such as rhetoric
^ Banned because i hate your rhetoric intrinsically and empirically and other big words such as "gymnasium".
Hooyaah is banned because E.T. proves that Star Wars takes place in Andromeda, literally the closest galaxy outside our own.
Banned for conspiring with rebel scum and getting the DS-1 Orbital Battle Station blown up with no through to the 400k maintenance droids, 250k civilians, associated contractors, and catering staff that all just worked there.
Post edited September 25, 2022 by Catventurer
^ banned for not giving any "thought" regarding how to spell the word, as to make your post more poignant
^ Banned for not giving enough "through" to it instead. Now go sit in a corner and through about what you've done!
Banned for conspiring with Hooyah to mock my poor spelling.
^ banned, for at least I shall refrain from mocking you for misspelling my username, though I yet consider doing so for asserting that I would have ever conspired with HeresyMyAccount on anything of the sort
Banned for hating fun, then.
Banned because I had a lot of fun at my cousin's reception, which I just came back from. I'm now wanted for murder, because I killed it on the dance floor.
Banned, because not only that. You also floored your dance partner while dancing.
Banned for stealing the holy lance and hanging the pope.
^ banned for stealing the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch
Banned for wasting such a valuable weapon on a rabbit.