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Banned for accusing raccoons of having inadequate lungs.
Banned because the small lungs are the reason i aim my arrows at his kidneys when i'm going raccoon hunting.
Banned for not hunting for a new liver, because you need a new one after celebrating Oktoberfest.
Banned because Octoberfest is one of those events where you're allowed to pull your dick out in front of anyone.
^ banned because that is your favorite part of Octoberfest
Banned for being an uncultured american who thinks beer is booze and not food you should consume to every single meal. Mandarin orange schnapps is booze.
Banned for correctly guessing that I'd rather strip in public than drink booze.
^ banned for not banning Mono for disparaging my character (Besides, beer is flavored water, vodka and moonshine qualify as "booze.")
Banned because moonshine is almost pure alcohol, so it's not so much booze as a chemical for experiments in a laboratory. Why not just call antifreeze booze?

EDIT: And also banned for being Boos Myller from Return to Zork.
Post edited September 28, 2022 by HeresMyAccount
Banned for putting lead in wine to make it sweeter.
Banned because judging from Hooyaah's last post, his positions seem to actually be reasonable and i blame you for making me ban him unjustly.
^ banned, but promoted to Banner General, because my cousin the moonshiner, Ollie Lou Yaah suggested it
Banned because I want to be promoted to the position of Witch Finder General.
Banned for starting a witch hunt.
Banned, for not knowing which witch bewitched you