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Banned for exploiting excuses.

J Lo: Banned because what it is isn't just.
Banned because that that is is that that is not is not is that it it is
^ banned for excusing explicit exploits
^ Banned for expressing exquisitely exact examples of extreme explosive excrements.
^ banned because wow... just, wow
Banned for being amazed.
Banned for being amused.
^ banned for amusement at amazement
Banned because you looked like you needed some vacation. How about a trip to a one day banishment on a tropical island?
Banned so Hooyaah has a comrade in banishment.
Banned because now that comrade has gotten another comrade in banishment.
You're all banned for being comrade commies.
Banned for viciously slandering my character! In the words of the great Carson Robison:

"I’m no Communist, and I’ll you that right now
I believe a man should own his own house and car and cow
I like this private ownership, and I want to be left alone
Let the government run its business and let me run my own"

*starts humming song*
Banned for knowing a song by heart.
Banned for knowing a song by lungs.
Banned because i don't think you, J Lo, have much high ground in that regard.