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^ banned, for not knowing precisely how distant a "galaxy far, far, away" is
Banned because I prefer a close galaxy, so that I can walk to it.
Banned because one does not simply walk to a close galaxy.
Banned because one does not simply get a ragdoll cat to get off of one.
Banned because one can never get away from getting themselves banned after banning another.
Banned to the ground and bayoneted to the chest for good measure.
Banned for playing Bayonetta for the wrong reasons.
^ banned for playing Bayonetta for the right reasons
Banned because Bayonetta sucks (and Devil May Cry sucks too).
^ banned, because the devil may cry in response to your assessment
Banned for bullying demonic entities to tears.
Banned because the Doom Guy was a bad example so it's his fault!
Banned for not taking responsibility.
Banned because how about i stick a dagger into you? Would you take responsibility for that? No? What i'm saying doesn't make sense to you? Too bad YOUUUU, will be BAAAAANNED!
^ banned for not just catching the cantankerous Canadian racoon and releasing him in the beautiful, snowy land of Saskatoon