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^ banned, because it's plain to see that your reality is not an alternate way to live
^ Banned for living in the ethereal plane.
Banned for flying an ethereal plane through the ethereal plane with a plain view of Hooyaah's ethereal house.
Banned for being sliced to ribbons with a katana in Japan.
Banned for punishing the victim.
^ banned for victimizing the punisher
Banned because Frank Castle is a victim of his own sense of justice.
Banned because he's also a victim of Modern Marvel Molesters.
Banned for calling out the notorious Modern Marvel Molesters and their merry midgets.
Banned for regarding the applying of title "Modern Marvelous Molester" to yourself is a compliment.
Banned for not admitting that alliteration makes everything better.
Banned because "Surprise Sadistic Sandwiching" is still something I'd prefer to avoid, even after the alliteration.
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Banned for not wanting to be abruptly put between slices of bread and eaten alive.
Banned because the new way to make a sandwich is meat on the outside and bread in the middle.
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Banned because Buzz Lightyear of Star Command is lightyears better than Lightyear.