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Banned because nudists couldn't care less about voyers.
LegoDnD: Banned because nudists couldn't care less about voyers.
^ banned because anyone voyeur who would look would not care whether or not they cared
Banned for unnecessary quoting. The post is right there above your post.
Banned because quoting is the right of all living things
Banned for being a nice human being. Hello! (responding to your forum title)
Banned for obscuring your vision to badly that you can only see a few vertical slits.
Banned for using some sort of power that allows you to see what I see.
Banned for leaking the power for Life is Strange 4: GOG Edition.
Banned for stealing the power of the GOG bear in Bear with GOG: The Complete Edition.
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Banned for infecting people with GOG when fighting a bear.
Banned because the GOG disease is a non-lethal disease that renders you unconscious until it is healed by HeresMyAccount's antidote.
Banned because DRM is no joke.
Banned for spitting facts. In fact, we should join forces and create a website that would sell DRM-free games.
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Banned for not suggesting we add a forum to it.
Banned for spitting facts again. We would add forum and then we would make game threads where we would spend time instead of spending it on actual video games. That's brilliant!