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Banned for being a scrumptious morsel.
Banned for your hat.
Banned because you peer pressured him to change his profile picture from a cat to some strange abomination that speaks in binary.
Post edited July 01, 2022 by ZubatyZub
Banned because you of all people should not blame people for peer pressuring, Mr. "Splinter Cell Conviction sucks".
Banned because I know you are Maxime Beland, face your crimes... Head on!
Banned for playing air-flute when you think no one is watching.
Banned for hacking the GOG servers and causing GOG bear to appear when you think no one is watching.
Banned for explaining the reason behind the recent frequent appearances of the GOG Bear whenever I tried to open the GOG forum. I've missed dozens of banning opportunities because of that! So thank you, and banned still.
Banned for making the earth too heavy for the GOG bear to carry.
Banned for not feeding the GOG bear properly so he can lift this much.
Banned for asking too much of ST0N3L3SS. If you paid attention, the GOG bear is located somewhere near Southern Africa. Unless you're willing to pay for his travel expenses that is..
Banned for kidnapping the GOG Bear to your country of Indonesia.
Banned for assuming I have the means to do so.
Not banned, I put this post here to protect your from ban. "He protec but he also attac". You're welcome.
Not banned also. I can't afford losing my only loyal fellow knight in this forum!