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Banned becase the dammed VAT is the worse of the taxes.
Banned for VAT evasion.
Banned for vet evasion.
Banned for tax avoision.
^ banned for posting above me just now

Vinry36: Banned for vet evasion.
^ banned because your avatar looks like a knighted version of the little brother Kenny never had
Post edited June 29, 2022 by Hooyaah
Banned for left others to ninja you. You are to slow.
Post edited June 29, 2022 by DalekSec
^ Banned for being so fast that you're just a blur.
Banned for jinxing the janx with your nickname.
^ banned for nicking the nack with your knickknack
Banned for the paddywhack, and most of all, for giving the dog a bone.
Banned for fixating on the dog's boner.
Banned for offensive behavior.
^ banned for creating excess turbidity in lake Windermere by doing a cannonball into it last week
Banned for pissing in Lake Erie.
^ banned for taking the police report that there was a hole in the wall at the nudist colony and saying that you would look into it right away