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Banned, because you're the reason why the Monkey Island is cursed.
Banned because you're the reason i know what the word "Quixotic" means.
Banned for accepting knowledge from a quixotic person.
^ banned for willfully disavowing reliable knowledge based solely on its source
Banned for trying to prevent the spread of stupid rumors.
Banned for not setting a non-default profile picture for your gog profile
^ banned for not harping on HeresMyAccount for that sin of omission more often
Banned for wanting people to play harp music instead of electric guitar.
banned, because where you're headed, you will certainly never hear any harp music
Banned for strumming a fish and calling it carp music.
Banned for not carping the day.
banned cause you ate all kosher crackers
Banned for using a racial slur.
[skip 1 turn]
Post edited January 18, 2022 by Mr_Whiffles
Banned for skipping one turn rather than banning.