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^ banned for ghosting believers
banned cause i believe that you're ghosting the banned
Banned for believing in such poppycock.
Banned for not believing in the Screw-On Head; anybody who's good enough for Abe Lincoln is good enough for me!
Banned for not flowing like water.
Banned because water is overrated. Wine is better.
Banned for whining
Banned for wanting to be a sommelier.
Banned for guzzling wine and getting hammered, and claiming to be a wine taster.
^ banned for intravenous wine use so that you don't have to taste it
Banned for butt chugging.
^ banned because, April, Come She Will
Banned because Able was I ere I saw Elba
^ banned for typing that entire sentence backwards, letter by letter
^ Banned because you're the reason Shinzo Abe always looks so sad.