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Banned because you ate my taco
Banned for dropping a perfectly good taco just because Brie Larson told you to.
Banned for carving a sculpture of Brie Larson made of cheese.
Banned for carving a sculpture of Chow Yun-fat made of fat.
Banned for trying to chow young fat.
^ banned for chowing young cat
Well, you're early to get banned. Banned!
Banned for being late for your banning!
Banned for stealing the Brie Larson statue that I was going to eat!
Banned for normally uttering such an absurd statement as if people think digesting a statue is sane!
Banned for not asking first, what the statue is made of.
^ banned, because any Brie Larson statue would, necessarily, be made of brie cheese
^ Banned because i disagree with you and we can't have that here.
Banned because then you also disagree with me, because I said the same thing several posts above!
Banned for complaining about both people agreeing and disagreeing with you.