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low rated
^Banned for not helping him move the other half, or getting him a wheelchair so he can do it himself.


J Lo: Banned for not disclosing the Krabby Patty secret formula.
It be Formu-ler, boyo.


Hooyaah: ^ banned for giving Plankton exactly what his diabolical mind has always desired
A thick head of hair?
Post edited November 23, 2021 by GamezRanker
^ banned for not helping him find the other half... if you had, he might still be Verlam or Vingry
Banned for stealing the half and hiding it all of these years.
^ banned for always ordering pineapple and anchovies on your pizza

Banned for always ordering pizza with domino cards topping.
Banned for demonstrating a blatant lack of basic pizza knowledge. Domino cards are way better topping than anchovies.
Banned for trademarking a simple word that everyone uses. Now that's playing unfair.
Banned, because you must be related to Moving Mango, the Pilates trainer and youtuber. Let's get moving!
^ banned for doing the Wango Tango with moving mango
Banned for accusing me of allegedly doing something to a pizza which really belongs in the baseless allegations thread instead, especially considering how baseless it is (I like my pizzas with all meats except anchovies).
Banned, because i believe you should get banned.
Banned, because it's self-evident that you deserve a ban.
Banned for giving me what i deserve.
Banned because I'm going to give you in excess supply of what you deserve.
Banned because did you know that moon rocks smell like gunpowder?