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Banned because i disagree with you too, and as i already explained, we can not have that here.
Banned for not having that here.
Banned because I don't know what you guys mean by that thing.
Banned because we need to take that thing out of here.
Banned because I'm not touching that thing.
^ banned, for not having a three meter pole for this sort of situation
Banned for measuring election pole results using the metric system.
^ banned for measuring a parking meter with an Imperial system tape measure
low rated
^ Banned for possibly being ok with the imperials hovering over Alderaan
Banned because there were xenomorphs on Alderaan, Tarkin made the right call.
low rated
^ Banned because they were actually necromorp....err, cute lovely bunnies. Yes, that's it.....bunnies.
Banned for not sharing your game rankings for this year's Steam Awards nominations.
Banned for mentioning this dirty dirty S-word.
^ banned, because "sharing is caring"
Banned because sharing is sharing.