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Banned, because shearing is mowing and it's overkill to use artillery.
Banned because shrieking is meowing and Overkill prefers to burn things with gasoline rather than using artillery.
banned because a Daisy Cutter is far more effective than Napalm
Post edited November 26, 2021 by Hooyaah
Banned for confusing Overkill with Napalm Death.
Banned because napalm strike is an overkill.
^ banned because a M.O.A.B. is overkill
Banned for discriminating against the Moabs. They're a proud and remarkable people!
Banned because in case anyone was wondering, Big Bird is the last surviving moa after hunter-gatherers drove his species to extinction.
^ banned, because this is actually what drove his species to extinction
Banned because *I'm* the extinction event.
Banned for posting while drunk.
^ banned for not testing to properly determine his blood alcohol level at the time of his post
Banned because don't be ridiculous; there's no blood in my alcohol!
^ banned, because there's no blood in your veins, then
Banned, because of course, if you just look at his photo, obviously there'd be no blood inside him.