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Banned for tricking rather than treating.
^ banned for not allowing the choice to, "Trick or Treat"
Banned for wanting to "Trick and Treat".
banned, for it was a treat to trick you so easily
Banned because the 3 movies I've considered for Halloween with my parents are Ghostbusters, Wrong Turn reboot, or The Curse of the Black Pearl.
Banned because we know you're Michael, dude. Off to banned-camp you go.
Banned for thinking I was trying to deceive you.
Banned for killing two horny camp counselors with a spear.
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Banned because if those counselors hadn't been standing idle in a straight line formation, there wouldn't be two victims.
Banned for wanting to eat me....think a moment if english is your native language lol
Banned for terraforming.
Banned for growing vegetables on Mars.
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Banned because I had to spread the fertilizer.
Banned for rover tipping.
Banned for clover snipping.