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^ banned for not mentioning the friendly fragrance of freshly toasted coffee bean flatus
Banned for sharing.
Banned for caring.
Banned for caring too much for your own account.
Banned for carving too much off of your own account.
^ banned for carving too much off of your own pumpkin
Banned because I just now ate a veggie pizza and it was ok.
Banned because you should try a margherita pizza. It's vegetarian and it tastes great.
Banned because I'll never part from my pepperoni; even the one I mentioned had fakes. (Extra cheese, beef, and chicken are also fine.)
Banned because Edward Norton should start his own anti-virus company. It would protect your computer by giving it a disillusioned schema.
Banned because i am Jack's desire to ban everyone mentioning Edward Norton.
Banned for gaining mass and turning green.
Banned for holding a black mass on the GOG forums!
^ Captain, you should be banned for allowing your vessel to be pulled toward a black mass, possibly the event horizon of a black hole. Order a full reverse before it's too late!
Banned because that's not a black hole. It's my mom's mouth trying to eat your ship.