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Banned for committing an illegal type of ninja action.

MightyFloTheKing: Banned for rover tipping.
Banned for not starting a service that helps people to sit on horseback for a service fee, a horse sitter.
Post edited October 27, 2021 by le_chevalier
bannde becuz I"d lost my mInD AnD SoMeOne has to pAY.
^ banned for not just using this brain... it belonged to Abbey someone.. Abbey Normal
Banned for being a crabby Abbey.
Banned for eating a crabby-patty.
Banned until you tell me the secret formula.
banned for forgetting to specify the sauce
Banned because my favourite sauce is smokey honey mustard.
^ banned for smoking honey and mustard until it's saucy
Banned for going rip-shaw-rod on Rawhead Rex.
Banned because Oedipus Rex is a story about a dinosaur who marries his own mother.
^ banned for not understanding that his species had very small brains and lacked the morals and societal evolution we humans possess, so "mama love" was natural for them
^ Banned for acting possessive towards morals and societal evolution.
Banned for starting the evolution revolution.
Banned for making morolf disappear.