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Banned for not liking old building materials used in Spanish cultures.
^ banned for building an acrobat out of adobe


HeresMyAccount: Banned for not liking old building materials used in Spanish cultures.
^ also banned for a misstatement, as "adobe" is a Spanish word for the sort of sun-dried brick use to make buildings by the primitive, indigenous tribes of the Southwestern Plains of the United States and of Mexico, not by Spanish cultures
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Banned for hooligan drunkeness involving 17 dwarves, three orcs and a troll! That's right, I'm blaming all the fights in the movie universe your avatar is from on you peddling(and drinking) cheap ale.
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Banned because this comment made Sauron cry.
Banned for confusing comments with onions.
Banned, because Sauron actually cried after reading the Onion.
Banned for scrying with vegetables.
^ banned for not stir-frying the vegetables with pork and rice and providing chop sticks for they who cannot eat with a fork
Banned for boiling PO-TA-TOS, mashing them, and putting them in a stew!
Banned for violating the TOS of Po-ta
^ banned for stepping on his po-ta toes.
Banned for leaving your toenail clippings on the living room floor.
Banned for creating this abomination.
In 2077, what makes someone a criminal? Getting caught posting above me in this thread. You're getting banned for that!
^ banned for being a cyberpunk 56 years too early