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Banned for not assisting him in erecting gas destructor lamps.
I ban all 6 of you because we already watched the 3h15m cut of JC's Avatar a few years ago.
I ban you for burning down our crops, poisoning our water supply, and unleashing a plague upon our houses.
Banned for growing poisonous crops, spiking your own water supply with it, and attracting locusts with the smell of the poison.
Banned for confusing locusts with cicadas.
^ banned for eating locusts and honey
Banned for wanting to get some honey for free, without having to buy the bees.
Banned for using the word from The Bee Movie without copyright
^ banned because yer mast is bent
Banned because "bent" is the cheat code you can use to avoid getting banned.
Banned for knowingly banning somebody who you admit is immune to banning.
Banned for over-stroking the camshaft.
^ banned for throwing a rod
Banned for improper rod installation advise
Banned for excessive use of Adobe.