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Banned for not wiping me a hand.
^ banned for grooming yourself with your tongue
Banned for tonguing your groomer.
banned for making absolutely no sense
Banned for haven't gotten used to the way things work here.
n0rfleet: banned for making absolutely no sense
Banned for not knowing what "tongue" means as a verb.
Banned for having a creepy obsession with tongues. Even worse than Gene Simmons and Stanley Kubrick combined.
^ banned for offering Gene Simmons and Stanley Kubrick as a like comparison
Banned because Dad & I finally finished Avatar: TLA last night.
Banned for not watching the one by James Cameron instead.
Banned for not handing over all of your unobtanium.
Banned for using the 3M universal sorbent to clean up the spilled unobtanium.
Banned for offering someone an advice on how to clean some spilled unobtanium.
Banned for obsessively and repeatedly all mentioning unobtanium.
^ banned for expelling flatus in church and ending up sitting in your own pew