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Banned for being a kind of outdated punk.
Banned because punks are never outdated! I am an antichrist and I am an anarchist!
Banned for promoting Heroin usage on the forums.
^ banned for being rotten to Johnny
^ banned for slashing Axl.
^ banned for bopping Joey
Banned for wanting to be sedated.
Banned because how would Sauron even cry? Would the flaming eyeball just get surrounded by a steam cloud?
^ banned for rolling Rick
Banned for rolling and rocking.
Banned for violating the mutual aggression pact.
Banned for listening to Rock and/or Roll.
Banned, because it's the only joy in my life and it makes me feel powerful.
Banned for being on a roll. You should avoid sitting on food.
Banned for rolling on a rocking chair. That's not how you should enjoy rock and roll.