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Banned for not recognizing Simoleon and also banned for having never played as a god and ruined the lives of the Sims.
^ banned for not knowing that a "Simoleon" is a dollar

HeresMyAccount: Banned because nobody seems to want to misquote anyone anymore. And what the hell's a §?
^ banned for not recognizing the subsection symbol
Banned for wizardsplaining.
Banned for not having polydactyly.
Banned for promoting the duodecimal system.
Banned for wanting to make counting sheep before sleep a lot harder.
Post edited October 14, 2021 by le_chevalier
^ banned because your post made me sleepy
^ Banned because you're not sleepy because of his post but because you're like ... ancient.
Banned, because your Journey to the West has been going on for so many centuries now, that you've visited your starting place dozens of times over.
Banned because it's not my fault it takes so long! Blame that stupid slow monk.
Banned for insulting Tony Shalhoub.
^ banned for not handing me a wipe
^ Banned for not even asking for one. Here you go *hands over wipe*.
Banned for not wiping your hand.
Banned for not wiping me a hand.