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Banned for incorrect use of words, because I don't think "sugary" can really be applied to persons, unless they're made of chocolate.
Banned because my precious star was sugary like candy and sweet like a princess :'(
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Banned because STFU.
Banned for not being very constructive, instead of reminding Bradley that the grieving process for these types of things usually lasts about 3-4 months, and after that, it's time to stop thinking and talking about them all the time, and that the best ways to move on are letting time pass and finding a new love.
Banned, because "finding a new love" isn't best advice, instead Bradley should commit to life-long celibacy and join the monastery on Mt Athos. That way he'll be sure to never have his heart broken again.
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Banned for thinking that sexual repression would in any way make his situation better. Dear lord. If anyone needs to get laid, it's him.
Banned for pegging that one
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Banned for summoning dirty images into my mind.
Banned because what matters most is that you don't succumb to the vulgar thoughts that protrude from those dirty images.
Banned for making the protrusion of the dirty images more pronounced.
Banned because you're right.
Banned for not sticking that "L" on your forehead.
Banned for being rude.
Banned for calling me out on that.
Banned for not being able to take any criticism and refusing to work on your insufferable behaviour.
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