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banned for not wanting to follow rules
Banned for threatening the rule breakers with corporal punishments.
Banned due to multiple terms of service violations
Banned for not using your trademark phrase
Banned because you silently pushed products with watermark.
Banned because I demand a sacrifice!!!
Banned because "others" demanded MY sacrifice; which i refused. The only person i will sacrifice myself for, is my sweetie and NONE "other".
Banned for unwarranted belligerence.
Banned for unwarranted bellicosity.
Banned for being 3 reps away from finally reaching 1000. What a milestone that I can't let you have! BANNED BANNED BANNED!! SOMEONE PLEASE STOP HERESMYACCOUNT!!!
Post edited August 13, 2019 by Vingry
Banned because you didn't procure and utilize a stop sign, already!
Banned for yielding to signs.
Banned for haveing more rep then me
Post edited August 13, 2019 by Mr_Pennywise
Banned for drinking something that's intangible.
Baned because Soul drinks are tangible. Not sure how they taste though.