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Banned for not listening to the song Black Hole Sun.
Banned because, a Black Hole could solve the issue; or rather, any issue.
Banned because the black hole that is government expenses never solve anything.
Banned for wanting to solve problems by compacting them down to unimaginable levels.
Banned for wanting to solve problems by using his magic staff.
Banned for obscenity, because "magic staff" is probably intentional sexual innuendo.
Banned for suspecting naughty innuendo when likely none was intended.
Banned for putting naughty things in you' end-o.
Banned for being a buffoon, not a "buff" goon.
Banned because i hate goons, especially the street trash variety.
Banned for being a Goonie.
Banned for being the grandson of "One-Eyed Willie."
Banned for being a bastard.
Banned for being a bitch.
Banned because you are a policeman. And policemen follow rules.