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Banned for pointing out the best covert method of insulting!
Banned for overt banning.
Banned because the oven is empty!
Banned for not noticing the bun in the oven.
Banned for planting the evidence.
Banned becauzzzzzzzzzzz *yawn* Zzzzzzz.
Banned for not finishing your sentence.
Banned for not fully serving your time as sentenced.
Banned for escaping prison before showing up at the parole board.
Banned for doing naked jumping jacks in a police station.
Banned for not keeping the order in the police station. If you can't keep the order inside the station, how you wait to keep it in the whole city?
Banned because the FBI said to open up, so I talked to the agents about my feelings.
Banned because you like generation 8!
Banned because you licked a generator.
Banned because you generated lickers.