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Banned because the beautiful people are all relative to the size of your steeple.
Banned because it's about time to change your profile picture!
Banned because you didn't visit your local shrine to say a small prayer for me, then treat me to local delicacies!
Banned because I want Tom Lehrer songs in Fallout 5.
Banned for looking forward to Fallout 5 after the mess that was Fallout 4.
Banned because I thought Fallout 4 was supposedly good, and Fallout 76 was stupid. Am I wrong?
Banned for not believing in yourself.
Banned for not telling HeresMyAccount that he was right.
Banned for being a Corviknight, whatever that is.
Banned for not recognizing a corvus that became a knight.
Banned for recognizing that you sacrificed Raziel; and you corrupted Zephon, Dumah, Rahab, Melchiah, and Turel.
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Banned for posting nonsense.
Banned for not knowing about Legacy of Kain.
Banned for not recognizing Abel as the superior brother.
Banned for not recognizing Luigi as the superior brother.