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Banned for Allah Akbar.
Banned because it indeed was a trap.
Banned for not trying to rehabilitate Internet Trolls into society.
Banned for being too lenient with internet trolls...
Banned because you are racist against the trolls; haven't you played Warcraft, yet?
Banned because I just feel like it.
Banned because I couldn't find any reason not to.
Banned for abusing banning powers.
Banned for not abusing it.
Banned for trying to become a forum despot.
Banned for abusing your forum member.
Banned because we kickstarter backers are Shafted; again! Random streamers and influencers get to play Bloodstained already, while me who paid 60 bucks years ago, am still waiting for their bloody key!
Banned for allowing yourself to be duped...
Banned because my spies say you are the 1270th iteration of a line of clones, and every one of them. including you, was, sadly, a unsuccessful experiment.
Banned for insulting other users under the cover of absurdly implausible nonsense.