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Banned, because it's your own fault if you can't keep track of your stuff.
Banned for not lending Morrowslant your pair of Gargoyles.
Banned because, after the fire in Notre Dame, the Gargoyles are missing too.
Banned, because everyone knows the gargoyles are in Warcraft 3, so don't claim they're missing.
Banned because Warcraft 3 is missing on GOG, therefore the Gargoyles are missing after all.
Banned because we now have more than 20000 posts, and for some reason there are now suddenly like 800 posts per day!

Morolf is banned for making the 20000th post, and he didn't even use a post-hole digger.

Banned because I think I might have diarrhea.
Banned for not taking a suppository.
Banned because I used to pwn at War 3.
Banned for starting World War 3 in another timeline.
Banned for starting world war 20 in this time line.
Banned for bringing up parallel universes which will make this thread even more confusing, and whose existence isn't proven anyway.

EDIT: I'll ban myself for being too slow :-)))
Post edited April 24, 2019 by morolf
Banned for being part of the MIB
Banned for not realizing that it is Morrowslant who is a MIB, because he is now, by your request, wearing Morolf's shades.
Banned, because I'm outraged that Morrowslant stole something from me (don't know what pet gargoyles?)
Post edited April 24, 2019 by morolf
Banned for saying that your glasses is your pet.