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Banned because I apologize. I was just frustrated because you and Scooby-doo foiled my plans.
Banned because - Scooby-who?
Banned because I was talking about Scooby, Shaggy, Velma, these guys:
Banned because I am a cat person.
Banned because this picture might be useful to you.
cat.jpg (46 Kb)
Banned because awww cute :D Now give him that damn mouse.
Banned for cruel treatment of mice.
Banned because the forum's regular ediots, stopped my downrepping treatment!
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Banned for cruel treatment of regular ediots.
Banned, because regular ediots should be treated cruelly, fed to cats instead of the cute mice.
Banned because if you give inferior food to cats, their fur will look less healthy.
Post edited April 23, 2019 by StarChan
Banned because cats are nasty and deserve unhealthy and ugly fur if they can't hunt down quality food for themselves. I mean come on, they have one job.
Banned for apparently being a mouse.
Banned because I botched my current ban.
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Banned because my raybans are missing.