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Check in Manhattan, on top f the Zanatos building...
Banned for being creepier than me.
Banned for losing to David_Boucher in the "Creepy Contest of the Year".
Banned for not inviting me to the creepy contest
Banned for not inviting me to the free food stand of that contest.
Banned for disabling profile but enabling wishlist.
Banned for being too lazy to walk home.
Banned for not offering to drive CervelloYM home.
Banned for expecting me to drive without a license.
Banned for not having a driving license.
Banned for saying "driving" license and betraying your British roots, that or being a British Wannabe.
Banned because they stopped following me and wasting their time on me; where is the downrepping spree, i have to reach -1000!
Banned for being out of downrep luck.
Banned for having more rep than me.
Banned for being innumerate.