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Banned because Lacta was an asshole and deserved to be eaten.
Banned for using pop culture references I don't understand.
Banned for being elitist and out of touch with the masses,
Banned for being an electrocutionist and out of touch with the charges.
Banned for not giving me your best pogs.
Banned for not giving me your best Pokemons.
Banned for not trying to assemble Pogémons.
Banned for find Yu Gi Ohs.
Banned for trying to defeat Chōdenshi Bioman.
Banned because I was defeated.
Banned for I, am the one who have defeated you!
Banned for thinking about banning me in another thread.
Banned, because i went and lost everything again; and i didn't even risk or gamble.
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Banned for not making any sense.
Banned for not sensing your maker.