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Banned because I can't drive 55!
Banned because counting that high is hard.
Banned because you don't need to count high. Just count 1 + 1 + 1 +1... someone else will eventually get the total.
Banned because you count your eggs before they are hatched.
Banned for having more than two eggs.
Banned for messing with other people's eggs.
Banned because who first thought it was a good idea to eat something that came out of a chicken's butt.
Banned for licking the chicken's butt directly.
Banned for playing dodgeball with a watermelon.
Banned for not playing dodgeball with a watermelon
Banned for dodging healthy, edible fruit!
Banned for not getting out of Dodge before the fruit flies.
Banned for snitching on 6ix9ine.
Banned for trying to spell words by adding letters to numbers which already have the sounds pronounced within them, so that what you've written would be pronounced "sixix nine-ine".
Banned for verbosity.