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Banned for not worshipping Shai-Hulud.
Banned because a hybrid that is half house cat and half lion should be called a felion
Banned for lion' about cats.
Banned, because the dogo of my new efftoy is so cute, that i liked it more than cats!
Banned for killing a certain Chinese character I'm not gonna name out of fear of spoiling FMA to someone
Banned for posting a filthy chat abbreviation. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Banned for completely misunderstanding; previous user was talking about a certain anime and one of the main characters killing a respectable, likable, chinese ninja gramps!
Banned for reminding me of his death.
Banned, because you ignore the fact that defeat can give birth to success; the first real ninja Grandmaster, had been a Chinese warlord who was defeated in battle and fled to Japan, where he created this deadly proffession.
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Banned for implying that if defeat causes success, then one may not succeed without first being defeated, which is a contradiction, because one can only either succeed or be defeated (at least initially), so for lack of initial defeat one must have succeeded, because it's the only other option.
Banned because, in most bargains, you give something up (lose), in order to gain something else (win); plus sometimes, sound victories follow a strategic retreat, or you may find some of the winner's spoils, post your defeat (i know i did, in a certain story)...
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Banned because you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life, the facts of life.
Banned for placing a song in the cavity I call a brain. Now I must listen to Fraggle Rock to replace it.
Banned for thinking that giants never existed.
Banned because, the giant's tomb in Siccily, is EMPTY; you 've been conned, giants never existed!