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I had a milkshake from In N Out Burger, and I spent a lot of time with my dog just walking and playing fetch.
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Reading about a russian naval ship being sunked made me happy. I'm also happy for the sunshine + payday!
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KiNgBrAdLeY7: Albright croaked

Kissinger next, pls!
Payday, friday.
Popped by my Mom's place for an espresso and apple pie turnover. :)
I made myself a nice vegan sandwich with cotoletta and soy-based cheese. Fun talk with a flatmate before going to bed. And now I got a free month of Google Play Pass, that includes cool stuff like Very Little Nightmares.
On the bright side of earning a very lean income (if I squint my eyes painfully enough to see that silver lining), turns out I don't owe the government any additional cash for Tax Year 2021. Instead, I might be eligible for a modest return this time around. :)
My dead lift is going up.
Syphon72: My dead lift is going up.
Sounds like a koan or pun.

To a Dutchmen, this sounds like 'my dead elevator is going up'.
I am shocked there is no one here happy because of the new Monkey Island.
It made my day. Doesn't happen often that I feel the urge to call old friends exiceted like a schoolboy the day of his birthday.
We treated ourselves to an upscale Greek restaurant for dinner tonight: me, Mom and my brother. It was a special occassion and it had been a long time since the three of us had eatten together. It was fun and the food was delicious. :)
I am able to enjoy the green goodness of yerba mate. Caffeine buzz here I come!
I just ordered new stuff for my outdoor activities. Want to go camping with friends for a week or so. I ordered new tent and backpack for my camping journey on everest. it's my favorite store. I joined caliber membership and got best prices and free shipping. There are all gear for different outdoor activities.
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Left my Office for Vacation today (and no tasks unfinished)
Good Feeling .. every time :-)
Daily game of "pocket pool." ((;--))