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Getting seven hours of sleep and starting my one week vacation.
Seems that my experimentation with Linux has led me to learn some more shell scripting as well as enough awk to extract data from the output of dmsetup status.
The first lightnings seen this year.
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Getting up at 5 am and getting things done ;)
At least Vallentine 's always there.
I realized that I am progressing quite nicely with my german language studies.

I am often asked to bring "schreiben" (write) activities to class to show the structures and words we should already be using, and pointing out the which mistakes are understandable to be made and which are not. Lowkey, our teacher is using me as a reference and that means he acknowledges, to some extent, my proficiency.

I really struggled at the beginning because I was so used to english and spanish structures that german ones were hard to keep and often needed to make the mental process of finding out the correct words to say something, then mentaly arrange the sentence in the proper order, which often took a long time.

I still need a bit to process, but efforts are clearly showing and I can answer some things on the go. I've reached a point where I can help fellow students and feel confident in that I will somehow survive when I travel to Austria in some months.

Kinda needed this morale booster.

It is a modest gain, sure, but one that made me feel good, which doesn't happen often.
I have an Ultima 6 speedrun to watch.

(It seems that WRPGs, especially classic WRPGs, don't get as much love from the speedrunning community as other genres, so it's good to see such runs. Also, WRPGs are often nonlinear enough to make routing interesting.)
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Freedom! Never take anything for granted.

Liberation! Knowledge... CONFIRMATION. Registering the unexpected results. Analysing...

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(To be clear: I'm NOT laughing at what Disney is trying to put in film[that is fine and i'm ok with it].....I am laughing at how much MONEY Disney will likely lose due to some asian overseas markets likely not allowing it to be sold & a good number of other people[that see it for the obvious virtue signaling it is] in other countries refusing to buy this new [for lack of a better word] "woke" material[which is likely made more to make money and less to do it for the good of all involved])
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i dreamed i could hear proper lee again
not had that feelin' in a long, looooong time
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Getting FTTN 70Mbps feels better to not wait 59 aeons, 59 millenniums 59 centuries, 59 decades, 59 years, 59 days, 59 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds for 1 bit of a game to install FFS!

Angry because in Pain.
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I found 4 snake shed coats, among the stashed wood logs for the fireplace. Not one, but FOUR! It is said to bring good luck, fortune, good health, even abundancy! And they have their uses in TCM, certainly.

But even if i found a hundred, something tells me that my luck stat, is permanently stuck at -10.000 and nothing can ever raise it.

Too bad they are empty, too. I wanted to properly produce me own snakewine, this year round. But anyways. Good luck charms for free, is nothing to scoff at. Let's keep fingers crossed.
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Just managed to fix my keyboard after I spilled about a mouthful of coffee on it accidentally. At first the keyboard worked fine, but then after a couple of seconds the keys got mixed up (pressing Tab results in Esc action etc.) and then after a few more seconds it stopped working altogether.
Tried placing it in the oven on the lowest possible heat to evaporate the coffee, but that did nothing. So I opened up the entire thing, up to the little membranes with the circuitry for the different button presses, and saw that there was coffee in between them. Opened it up carefully, dried it, reassembled it and Voila!
^^^ Nice!, now why don't take your new trainers, and use them to run along, you dirty Spambot...