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Reliving Fallout 3 as well as trying to finish Torchlight~
I just tried Dead Island after getting it in the Humble Deep Silver Bundle a little while back.

Oh my god. I wanted to turn it off before I'd even entered the game. Just listening to the voice work of the four potential protagonists made me cringe so badly. I can't remember the last time a game left such a bad first impression with me. I played it for an hour. The gameplay was OK but nothing special and looked like it was going to get mighty repetitive. The voice acting and writing didn't appear to get any better.
DLC Quest and just installed Downfall.
Just installed Torchlight on my laptop. Now to catch up to where I was before. Shouldn't take too long. :)
Games I'm playing are Borderlands 1 (Almost done with the DLC,) Borderlands 2 (getting the DLC and can't wait!!!!) Skyrim!!!( I'm a bit stuck ATM) Sims 3 (Just started palying) Don't Starve ( I'm getting better and better at living) and a few other small puzzle type games like Puzzler world and Puzzler world 2.
Wardancing my way to Time Victory in King difficulty with the Zulus in Civilization 5: Brave New World.
Starting Max Payne 1 and then straight to MP 2.
Azrael's Tear, a first-person adventure game for DOS, which is mind-numbingly hard, I'm gonna look for a hintbook or something.
Crosmando: Azrael's Tear, a first-person adventure game for DOS, which is mind-numbingly hard, I'm gonna look for a hintbook or something.
Keep your elephant gun ready for those spaniards ;)
Only GOG game I'm playing right now is The Longest Journey.
Baldur's Gate and Mask of the Betrayer, on and off, second playthrough for both. I recently bought Don't Starve as well, and I'm finding it a very curious and compelling game.
Dungeon Siege 2, thanks to a very generous soul, and I'm loving it! :)

Note to Square Enix: Please set it free, this belongs on GOG, too!
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After finishing Medal of Honor in 4 (!) hours, I jumped right into Dead Space. After a long session yesterday, I'm in Chapter 10 already.
Rayman Legends for Wii U. Played it through the weekend. Awesome game, but I can't see it working well on any other platform. The Murfy sections are just too much damn fun in co-op! :)
Picked up somewhere in the middle of Dead Space 3. I haven't been playing much of anything in the past couple of weeks, and I'm planning to play this only in spurts. It may not be the scariest game ever, but I prefer to take breaks from the constant adrenaline bursts this franchise provides.

Also restarted the campaign in Stronghold... yet again. No biggie. It's still plenty o' fun. It's one of the very few games I don't mind playing over again.
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