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Tales Of Kenzera: ZAU
Atreyu666: Right now I'm playing:

- Cyberpunk 2077
- Achilles: Legends Untold
- The Smurfs 2
Hey everyone! What games are you all playing right now? Need some recommendations for fun distractions! Let's share our favorites in our WhatsApp groups]WhatsApp groups and see if we can find some new ones to play together!
Fallout 4 mostly.
I have finished the first Gothic game. 62 hours.
I will continue to the second (Gold). Let's see how more difficult it is than the base game (which I had played many years ago)!
Horizon Zero Dawn
Bloodstained : Curse of the Moon 2
Wild ARMs 3
Jazz Jackrabbit 3D,but I can’t setup online multiplayer server.
So tried a little arcade tycoon. First tutorial level and then i beat the second level which was Abobo street which took some time. Like needed 5 years ingame time i think for it since it's pretty small that map, so made 5 retro arcade machines and 3 pinball machines upgraded them and the rest which was upgradable and i reached all of the goals. This level may need a small toilet and small food and drink dispenser and also at the start it's probably prefereble that you clean the dirt on the floor yourself with a tool, since the money was pretty tight in this one.
Didn't encounter the flooring issues yet in the game but i am running it with admin rights and you can probably just load a save game incase something like that happens i think.
Gonna play more when i can.
Also the pinball machines i set to two tokens per game. And some machines had to be set to easy difficulty if customers complained.

Think the only loan i used was for 5000 on the Abobo street level. Also got some free money due to some events.
And aliens stole one retro k.o. machine.

Just encountered the floor glitch by simply going into the game and press resume and i couldn't place anything on it.
Simply went back pressed campaign and load the game i manualy saved and it was normal again.
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But at least I was trying yesterday.
Alien Isolation
Prey 2017
Hollow Knight
Gothic 2 Gold is more difficult than I thought, but not always in the good meaning of the word. I don't have a problem with having an increase in learning points spent, to increase your attributes. I do have a problem when I'm wielding a two-handed weapon doing 50 damage, and me having 43 strength and wearing leather armor, and being killed easily by people (one on one only) wearing no armor and wielding a sickle!! A higher difficulty is one thing, while being cheated by NPCs is another...

Being more difficult isn't always pleasant, nor "rewarding". I'm really wondering what those players that wanted PB to make the game more difficult, had in mind! Anyway, I'm not going to ask for a refund (as the thought crossed my mind), I'm gonna fight it, since the story is really good and rewarding by itself.
Jazz 3D build version 224so-called Unreal.exe. It’s definitely not any kind of creepypasta.
Broken Sword 4. I ran the xp machine where i was playing it a year ago, i left by the middle so i guess i will finish it this time.
Unreal a’la Jazz3D.
Since last Sunday I've been playing Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun.
I finished the GDI campaign and am now playing the NOD campaign.
Afterwards I will move on the Firestorm campaigns.

The lack of attack move commands and other quality of life improvements that were added in later C&C games (queuing up more than 5 units and doing it in bulk instead of one at a time, separate build queues, multiple tabs for buildings and units, etc.) is making it quite challenging for me.
I've been learning to use the waypoints system and it has been quite helpful in a couple of missions.
Also, without consulting a manual, I had no idea you had to use Alt + Click to set the rally point of a building. They changed this aspect in Red Alert 2.