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POSTAL 4: No Regerts

Updated to 1.3.2


Added small outline to cheat input font in order to improve visibility
Imporved third-person Grenade throwing animation
Improved sidewalk collision in order to prevent NPCs from slightly floating
Adjusted Dude's shoulders, they will now appear less sunken and more natural
Improved the text overlay which appears when you activate a 'Going POSTAL Challenge'

New blood effects causing lag
Nutshots being extremely hard to land
Settings not saving in languages other than English
Weapon Wheel becoming unresponsive when using the 'Free Mouse' option
POSTAL and Nigh-Impossible modes allowing for extra saves and inventory-stored health items
Pain / Near Death skull being too small
Sewer Hobo Hate Group not triggering
Not being able to walk up the stairs in Wipe Compound without jumping first
Missing Gnome hatch in Prison tile
Crash that would occur sometimes when killing cops and another crash when completing objectives on Kunny Island
Inacessible 'Going POSTAL Challenge' outside of Kunny Island
Rock Smasher challenge not accepting 'Charged' and 'Vitamin X' Sledgehammer attacks
Dilbow challenge in the Ghost Town not having a visible target to hit
Restored Krotchy dolls to some locations in the Residential tile: Anu's Inn, Laundromat and Rusty Trombone
Dude Eye meter and Melee Charge bars not disappearing when the game is paused
Text going off-screen during certain 'Going POSTAL Challenges'
Landscape holes in Riverside tile
Car explosion sounds still playing when Audio was set to '0'
HUD appearing during the Wednesday Outro cutscene
Certain UI elements appearing blurry for a couple of seconds
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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition updated to 88.8193.36-13 for Linux now too.

Changelog posted earlier here.

Edit: The link doesn't show the correct page, so here's the brief changelog:

Small lighting crash fix

Hey there everyone! We're releasing a small fix:

• Fixed a crash caused by static lighting on certain tilesets, as mainly seen with the Toolset.
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RoboCop: Rogue City

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Patch #05

Greetings everyone,
We've just released a small patch to address a couple of issues.

Here's the full changelog:

• Fixed AMD Frame Generation
• Small stability fixes
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Gas Station Simulator

Updated to Shipping_1.0.2.13323S (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Party Time, Airstrip & Tidal Wave DLCs are available now.

Shady Deals & Car Junkyard DLCs are coming soon.

Since we were missing too many updates, I'll just post the latest bigger changelog from SteamDB:
Picking up sand, popularity growth, and much, much more!

Gas Station Simulator:


• The loan timer was changed to show the remaining time more accurate
• Various CPU optimizations were addressed


• Popularity values are now loading correctly
• Fixed an issue that caused Rudy not to pick up sand
• RC car correctly rotates in the air
• RC car no longer falls under the landscape
• The popularity sign is now correctly loaded at the beginning of the game
• Rudy now does not stop while turning
• The delivery icon in the PC UI is now correctly displayed
• Sparks from high voltage cables now correctly give light
• Ghost no longer collides with the environment
• A strange object under the cash register was removed
• Garage Employees now have correct rotation while fixing a car
• The second delivery truck now correctly waits until the first one leaves the Warehouse
• Inputs are now correctly blocked while Collectible Cards are inspected
• RC car 2 is now correctly available after buying it

Can Touch This:

• Changing doors now correctly generates navmesh for Customers

Tidal Wave:

• Parking lot assets in the features tab preview are now correctly loaded and unloaded
• Volcano visual issues at the start of the Tidal Wave were addressed
• The Tidal Wave upgrade tree now has the correct information
• Party Spot collision issues were addressed
• Employees no longer scream in a loop after Volcanos eruption
• Issues with the delivery boat driver position were addressed
• Fixed an issue that counted one trash multiple times while throwing it into the ocean
• Some new decoration issues were addressed
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Slay the Princess

Updated to End of Everything Update 1.2b

Changelog from SteamDB:

April 23 Small Fixes

Catching up on reported bugs. Mostly minor, but including:

Moment of Clarity sprites not appearing when both flickering and boil effect were turned off.
Fixing a corrupted voice file that slipped through the cracks last winter.

Assorted typo fixes.
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.0.65 ⇒ 1.0.68f.
Kenshi 1.0.68 Patch Notes

Added free camera mode for screenshots and videos. Toggle with ;

If you experience any issues after the update, please read this post on how to report crashes or bugs and make a post in the Lo-Fi Games forum, ensuring that you’re nice to our lovely moderators.
surfer1260: Kenshi

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.0.65 ⇒ 1.0.68f.

Kenshi 1.0.68 Patch Notes

Added free camera mode for screenshots and videos. Toggle with ;

If you experience any issues after the update, please read this post on how to report crashes or bugs and make a post in the Lo-Fi Games forum, ensuring that you’re nice to our lovely moderators.
Finally they updated the offline installers.
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Hello everyone,

Realms of Antiquity: The Shattered Crown

Offline installer (Windows) updated from 4.28.51 (72142) to 4.29.52 (72834).

Changelog 22/04/2023 from developer's (Adam Haase) website:
* Fixed a cottage encounter in the Great Forest; will only appear in new games.
* Removed blocking of Return/Homing Stones on two endgame maps that didn't need it.
* Added some dirt paths to the nomad's camp near Zephan to make it easier to find.
* Widened some corridors and added a 2nd path to the lower levels of the Diamond Mines.
* Various updates monster and item statistics.
* NPC and credit updates.
According to Adam's website, it is only a 'Minor' version change, and therefore, it is "backwards-compatible with previous saved games. You can copy the saved game files between versions and continue play."

(Only 'Major' version changes or otherwise noted would "require you to restart the game".)

The steps to import your previously saved gamefiles are also detailed on the same site:
Patch Instructions:
1. Unzip the archive into a new game folder.
2. From your prior game folder, copy the SAV file into the Game/Data folder.
3. From your prior game folder, copy the SG0 file into the Game/Data folder.
4. From your prior game folder, copy the SG1 file into the Game/Data folder.
5. From your prior game folder, copy the SG2 file into the Game/Data folder.
6. From your prior game folder, copy the SG3 file into the Game/Data folder.
Kind regards,
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Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.82-4

Changelog from SteamDB:

Update 1.82-4 Patch Notes

• Upgraded engine to Unity 2018.4

• When using mouse cursor to aim, if the enemy is very close, it'll be easier to lock on to the enemy. This will help when you are doing close quarter combat with low rate of fire weapons.
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Aaand another one just showed up too.

Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.82-4_2

Changelog from SteamDB:

Quick Patch to Fix FX

This is a quick patch to fix the FX and particles broken by the upgrade to Unity 2018. Engine upgrade is always a risky business, and there are a lot of hidden issues introduced by the new version's introduction of new features or removal of old features. Please feel free to let me know if you notice any problems!
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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Remake

Updated to 20240417.12.1559082 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update Notes #2 - Steam Deck and Performance Improvements

Hello, everyone!

We have a great update for the game today. We have been working on optimizing the Steam Deck performance as well as optimizing some areas of the game where performance needs to be improved.

We expect the official Steam Deck status to be updated soon.

Performance Improvements:

• Optimized trees and rocks in the Prologue, Epilogue and Chapters 1, 2, 6, 7 to improve performance.
• Minor fixes to lights in multiple levels to improve performance.
• Disabled volumetric shadow on the directional lights in Chapter 2 where the effect did not provide a noticeable visual improvement.
• Minor fixes on VFX and lights to improve performance in Chapters 6, 7 and the Epilogue.

Bug Fixing Steam Deck:

• The game now auto detects Steam Deck and applies specific graphic settings to optimize performance. New messages added to notify players at initial launch.
• Text that was previously small and difficult to read has been improved.
• Fixed the LOD issue at the end of the 'Dog cage' cutscene in the Prologue.
• Fixed a bug where inverted controls failed to reset when choosing the “Reset to Defaults” option.
• Fixed a bug that caused controls to be unable to modify Advanced Video Options after pressing down several times while the Auto Detect option is being applied.

General PC Bug Fixes:

• Fixed a bug where inverted controls failed to reset when choosing the “Reset to Defaults” option.
• Fixed a bug that caused controls to be unable to modify Advanced Video Options after pressing down several times while the Auto Detect option is being applied.

Thanks for playing!
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System Shock Remake

Patch 1.2.18887


Fix for 1.1 saves not loading properly on maps with a Loader Bot present.
Fix a case where after loading a save the player would remain in a combat state indefinitely.
Fix several cases where mission waypoints were showing up incorrectly.
Fix for user waypoints not showing up on the map.
Fix for Shodan not animating in the final pseudospace sequence.
Fix for several effects not rendering properly on the female hacker.
Fix vertical spacing issues on subtitle text on certain display configs.
Fix for movement inputs sticking when entering and exiting menus.
Fix for not being able to throw grenades when jumping.
Fix for corpses and limbs being frustum culled while still on the screen.
Fix for computer node monitors on Storage not displaying the correct code in certain cases.
Fix Reactor region labels on the automap.
Fix for cargo lift screen not displaying level transition properly in some cases.
Fix for cyberspace FOV interfering with realspace FOV in certain cases.
Fix for Diego remaining invisible if staggered while teleporting.
Fix for coins sometimes being invisible when dispensed from Credit Machines.


Shotgun reloading will now prioritize small ammo stacks.
'Vaporize All' will ignore existing scrap items.
Reduced Avian Mutant health from 125 to 100.
Force Diego V3 to reappear when he dies to prevent cases where his corpse would be invisible.
Hacking a robot will reduce their awareness by 90% instead of only 50%, but the effect wears off instantly if they are damaged.
Hooked up cooldown and disabled states for cyberspace software.
Made Decoy and Recall software obey stacking mechanics and consume only one per use.


Added the ability to create messages for user waypoints.
Added a health bar for the player in the final pseudospace sequence.
Added shortcuts to use Explosives and Consumables on the RB/LB buttons on the gamepad.
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Claws & Jaws | Patch Notes for 25/04/2024

Claws & Jaws
Free Content Update

Hello Vikings!

With the open beta now complete, the Claws & Jaws update is ready to be released and change the landscape of Northgard.
Thanks again to all the players who participated in the beta, reported issues, shared their feedback, participated in the discussions, and helped us with the update !!

Here is what it brings:

What’s New

This update focuses on bringing novelty and exciting choices to the Northgard environment. It focuses mainly on two aspects: the addition of new wild animals and the rework of map generation rules.


First, we’re adding two new wild animals to Northgard to make encounters more varied and interesting and to present new opportunities to take advantage of them.

Foxes and Fox Burrows

Foxes and Fox Burrows are now part of the Northgard landscape and will present a challenge as a wild foe, as well as an opportunity to gain by closing the burrows and claiming the reward.

• Foxes are a new wild animal. They have the same aggressive behavior as wolves but are less powerful, way faster, and attack in numerous groups. So keep an eye on them.
• Fox Burrow is a new building equivalent to the Wolf Den. It spawns new foxes that will attack the adjacent zones if left unchecked.
• Closing it will grant 25 Fame and 75 Kröwns.


Boars are a new wild animal and a new threat the clans might encounter.

• Boar is another new wild animal you will encounter in Northgard. It has passive behavior similar to a bear but is even more powerful. If you attack it, it will fiercely defend itself and its territory.

Environment and Map Generation

Sheeps are NOT a new animal, but we’ve changed their spawn rules and reworked them to make them more useful, especially in later games, and to create new specific interactions with clans. The idea is to make the sacrifice for Food no longer the automatic and only use for sheep it is currently.
We also want sheep to spawn in further zones as an attractive later reward.

We’ve also reworked some map generation rules, especially regarding the hostility of spawn zones, to make it more fair for all players.


• Sheep now grants a -50% wood consumption reduction during winter in the zone it is in (-30% previously).
• When several sheep are in the same zone, this bonus increases (but multiplicatively).
• Sheep can now spawn everywhere on the map.

Wolf Clan

• When sacrificing a sheep for food, the clan will get 100 food out of it instead of 80.

Dragon Clan

• The clan can send a sheep to the Sacrificial Pyre to gain 4 dragon essences.

Eagle Clan

• The clan can sacrifice a sheep to trigger a boneyard in the zone, calling a maximum of 3 hawks.

Rat Clan

• The clan can sacrifice a sheep to light up the Purification Pyres for 60 days.

Lynx Clan

• The clan can sacrifice a sheep to get 60 Trophies (but no Food).

Owl Clan

• Sheep reduce the food consumption in the zone by 35% (25% previously).
• This bonus also increases for each additional sheep in the same zone. Also multiplicatively.

Goat Clan

• Following those changes on sheep, the Sheperd ability of Harvald (Goat Warchief) has been modified.
• The ability is now active, and captures all wild sheep in the neutral zone where Harvald is.
• The ability then has a 1 month cooldown.

Spawn Hostility

Until now, it was possible for different clans to face huge differences in hostility at spawn. For example, one clan could start with 1 wolf in zones around its town hall, while another starts with 3 wolves.

• All clans on a map will now start with the same level of hostility on adjacent zones (Adjusted depending on the number of zones adjacent to their townhalls).
• However, this hostility might still be composed of different animals and be split differently for each clan.

Environment Difficulty

With the addition of those new wild animals and the rework of the spawn, we’ve also taken this opportunity to adjust the environment hostility in the different difficulty modes.

• Environment hostility (foes and hostile wild units presence) has been slightly reduced on easy maps.
• Environment hostility has been slightly increased on extreme maps.
• Normal and hard maps hostility should be the same as before.


We know AI faces many difficulties right now, and we’re actively working on it! With this patch, many new changes have been made to make the AI more aggressive, better at surviving, more reactive, and overall better.

• AI Warband should not get stuck in a zone anymore.
• After decolonizing a player’s zone, in hard and extreme difficulty, the AI will continue pushing the assaults to the next zone until they reach the player’s town hall or are stopped.
• The AI will now use its civilian units to defend itself when attacked by foes.
• AI now handles its happiness correctly and will assign units to happiness production buildings.
• AI is now better at evaluating the outcome of a fight and how much strength it needs to win, so it should no longer send armies to die in fights against neutral factions.
• Raven clan AI no longer builds a harbor as its first building, but when needed.
• Dragon AI now correctly differentiates between thralls and villagers when assigning them.


With this patch, the new main Conquest battles of the Owl Clan are now available.

New conquest battles:


All clans start with a Guardian of Realms. If two guardians meet, they have to fight to the death. When a guardian dies, its clan is eliminated.
Make yours the best and defeat the others before they become too strong.

Age of Vampires

Your Warchief and the Erlking are the two last remaining nightwalkers. There can only be one left. Kill it before he gets to you.

Battle for Midgard

Yggdrasil is under attack from many realms. Portals are awakening, and armies are coming to destroy it. Resist the assaults and close the portals to end this.

Diplomacy and Balancing


Following changes made during the previous patch, we want to reward cooperative actions between clans of a team to help them increase their relations faster and to encourage support actions.


When feasting for their team, a clan improves its relationship with all the affected ally clans.


Meals prepared by the Squirrel for their allies improve their relationship with the affected clans.
Rumor-Mongering now also increases all relation gains by +100%.


• When collecting a Levy for their team, the Stoat clan improves their relationship with all the affected clans.


When healing ally units, the rat clan improves their relations with this clan.


When Kaija and/or Borgild provide an ally zone with the Kindred Spirit production bonus (fame 200), they improve their relations with this clan.

Clan Specific Balancing

Following changes made during the previous patch, we want to reward cooperative actions between clans of a team, to help them increase their relations faster, as well as to encourage support actions.


We’ve received much feedback about the Horse clan. We do not buff it outright because the clan can easily snowball and become unstoppable if Warchiefs are too easy to get. In the meantime, we agree with the sentiment that Horse currently is very spawn-dependent and can fall behind with a spawn without any Ruins and Shipwrecks.
With those changes, we want to address and mitigate this spawn dependency while limiting the kickstart the clan can get on a very good spawn (with two ruins, for example).

• Both Warchiefs now cost only 100 Kröwns to recruit (150 previously).
Horse clan when exploring Ruins and Shipwrecks will only get half of the Kröwns any other clan would get.
• But they also extract ore from those.

     ○ Exploring a Ruin provides +5 Stones.
     ○ Exploring a Shipwreck provides +5 Iron.


Since the previous changes on the Raven, we’ve seen many complaints about the toxicity of the “Giant spam” - a move consisting of building the Raven Relic and constantly sending raids of just 1 mercenary + 1 giant. Thus keeping the raid cooldown at its lowest while harassing and dealing massive blows to the targeted clan(s) economy.
We agree with this sentiment, and we want to make it less efficient while also allowing the targeted clans to punish the Raven by countering and fighting back against the raids.

But - as we experimented with this during the beta and have noticed some negative impacts - we still want Raven’s relic and the raids to be attractive and an exciting play option.


      ○ Each mercenary killed during a raid increases the raid cooldown of the zone by +20 seconds.
      ○ Sons of Hrymr (giants) power depends on the number of mercenaries sent with them.
      ○ Killing a Son of Hymir sent on a raid increases the raid cooldown of the zone by +120 seconds.
      ○ Silos now also count as a source of Food when the zone is raided.

Relic - New additional effect
   Raids now collect resources from the zone when they arrive rather than when they leave (making sure to obtain the resources of the raid even if the whole raid dies).


• After unlocking City Building, zones can be improved even if they do not contain the maximum number of buildings.


Last Stand Shaman ability (Weapon Forge) effect is now capped to a maximum +300% Dmg increase.


Winter Festival now reduces the clan units’ food consumption during winter by -30% instead of boosting food production.


• Some of the Dwarf faction units now attack at distance.


• Many optimizations.
• The game uses less CPU resources.


• Added security to avoid 4v2 ranked lobby
• Raven - Added security to avoid mercenary from raid to stay on a tile
• Snake - Fixed lore not unlockable in Clan Knowledge
• Snake - Fixed Rapacious Exploitation not healing if an ally was on the same tile
• Snake - Fixed an issue where mythical animal from Mythical Lure wasn’t killable if scared during the spawn by Scorched earth
• Snake - Fixed Scorched earth not granting ressources if used in snake territory
• Snake - Fixed Black Market not giving back ressource for the Snake trades
• Stoat - Fixed convert cost with Marches of Britany
• Stoat - Fixed Altar of Volvinius on duchy not increasing kröwn levy
• Dragon - Fixed Thrall not working in conquest mission SHard of Misfortune
• Dragon - Fixed Thrall UI on ship not disappearing if killed by the Kraken
• Dragon - Fixed Thrall UI on ship visible in the fog
• Dragon/Stag - Thrall and boat reward are granted even if the clan doesn’t start near the sea
• Stag - Fixed Glory of all clan not giving 30% of fame when unlocked
• Squirrel - Fixed achievement Just a little help for my friend not unlocking
• Ox - Fixed Heimdall’s Hunting Pauldron artifact dealing damage to Valdemar in conquest mission The Cursed if other foes was on the tile
• Lynx - Mythical lure can be placed on other tile then the Town Hall in conquest mission Lands of Oblivion
• Owl - Fixed Guardian of the Realm placement on Naströnd tile not destroyed
• Kraken - Added food icon on the fishery in the build menu
• Kingdom - Fixed an issue where monk stop healing if the Monastery change (upgraded, destroyed) while healing Vedrfolnir
• Kingdom - Anchorage can be build in conquest mission Gold Rush
• Kingdom - Fixed peon healing during fight on Town Hall tile
• Conquest - Fixed Draurg event in conquest Rough Seas
• Conquest - No more event conquest in conquest mission Gold rush
• Conquest - Fixed infinite spawn in conquest mission Cataclysm
• Conquest - Fixed pathfinding not taking in count destroyed tile in conquest mission Cataclysm
• Conquest - Fixed scout progression UI in conquest mission Lands of Oblivion
• Conquest - Added security to avoid a tile to not being colonisable in conquest mission Shard of Misfortune
• Conquest - Fixed some map generation in conquest mission Inner sea
• Conquest bonus free upgrade can be used without upgrading the Town Hall
• Conquest - Fixed bonus iron/stone not sending iron/stone
• Conquest - Fixed military forge not available when a military building from another clan was accessible
• Conquest - Fixed skin not showed
• Rig’s Saga - Fixed a crash in mission 8 when the clan of the Bear was killed by foes
• Rig’s Saga - Fixed performance issue after healing Vedrfolnir
• Story - Fixed camera zoom after cinematics
• Fixed an issue with pathfinding making some unit going out of the territory when not authorized (militia, civils)
• Fixed a crash when selecting a Town Hall of a player that was deleted in the creative editor
• Fixed Rat event notification for sickness villager
• Fixed Vedrfolnir freeze when loading a save right after healed
• Fixed villager disappearing when repairing a port and destroying it
• Fixed crash when claiming the artbook Town Hall skin (the skin was unlocked)
• Fixed crash if a player has special character in his name
• Fixed crash in the report system when down page after writing some word
• Fixed Vedrfolnir not healed if the first building that healed it was modified (upgraded, destroyed)
• Fixed ability that target a tile not clickable if the unit is on a tile where the ability can’t be used (Sentinel for Falconner, Scorched earth for Signy)
• Fixed group selection not shown after loading a save
• Fixed free Odin’s forge with operative dwarves
• Fixed Operatives Dwarves not forging after repairing a forge on fire while assigned to it
• Fixed the SFX for the Upgrade zone button looping
• Fixed lore step when all lore are unlocked
• Fixed some localization issues
• Fixed some text issues
• Fixed some UI issues
• Separated team can’t be choose if the map is balanced
• Added security when loading a coop conquest
• Added a toggle for Levy/Overwork SFX in the option

Known Issues

• Eagle - Foraging knowledge description doesn’t mention Fox Burrows, but the effect does work.
• Some localization are missing
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RoboCop: Rogue City

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog. Seems to be a GOG specific hotfix.
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Impostor Factory has been updated. (Galaxy / Offline Installer).

From the dev Kan on their discord:

"... it does include the corrected German localization + Turkish localization addition, as well as some minor fixes. TtM & FP will be updated as well at some point in the future but not yet, need to figure some stuff out first:"

(TtM = To the Moon / FP = Finding Paradise)
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