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Tunguska: The Visitation

Updated to 1.82-6_1

No changelog.
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Field of Glory II

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.6.10 ⇒ 1.6.15.
v1.6.15 – 25th April 2024
① MP Allow Restarts option
• There is now an option in the MP challenge setup screen to “Allow Restarts” in Ranked custom battle challenges.
• This is to facilitate the use of the Slitherine Elo ranking system in player-run tournaments that allow either player to reroll the map at the start of the game if they deem it unsuitable. Mechanically, this entails one player conceding the game and then the challenge being set up again.
• If the “Allow Restarts” option is set, concessions will be ignored for Elo ranking purposes if they occur in either player’s first 2 turns. After the first two turns, the conceding player will be considered the loser for Elo purposes.
• Explanatory tooltips added to checkboxes in MP New Challenge setup screen.
② New Army Lists
• Meroitic 280 BC – 400 AD
• oAxumite 100-970 AD
• oBeja 250-849 AD
• oBeja 850-1049 AD
• Blemmye 298-499 AD
• Blemmye 500-550 AD
• Nobatae 298-499 AD
• Nobatae 500-550 AD
• Christian Nubian 550-1049 AD
③ Other list changes
• Kardakes Hoplites added to Achaemenid Persian 419-329 BC list.
• Irregular Foot added to Seleucid 300-206 BC list.
• Tweaks to Indian (Rajput) and Ghaznavid lists.
④ Points Costs
• ‘Abid al-shira and Pseudocomitatenses cost reduced to 39.

v1.6.14 – 17th April 2024
① Bug Fixes
• Hopefully fixed bug (introduced in a recent engine update) affecting the texture rendering
of large terrain objects (e.g. villages & forests) when there is a unit in the same square.
This bug only seemed to affect some people’s systems.
• Note that shadows of such terrain objects disappear when there is a unit on the square.
This is intentional.
② UI
• Explanatory tooltips added to checkboxes in MP new challenge setup screen.

v1.6.12 – 08th April 2024
① MP allow Map Rerolls option
• There is now an option in the MP challenge setup screen to “Allow Rerolls” in Ranked
custom battle challenges.
• This is to facilitate the use of the Slitherine Elo ranking system in player-run tournaments
that allow either player to reroll the map at the start of the game if they deem it unsuitable.
Mechanically, this entails one player conceding the game and then the challenge being
set up again.
• If the “Allow Rerolls” option is set, concessions will be ignored for Elo ranking purposes if
they occur in either player’s first 2 turns. After the first two turns, the conceding player will
be considered the loser for Elo purposes.

v1.6.11 – 10th January 2024
① New Army Lists
• Meroitic 280 BC – 400 AD
• Axumite 100-970 AD
• Beja 250-849 AD
• Beja 850-1049 AD
• Blemmye 298-499 AD
• Blemmye 500-550 AD
• Nobatae 298-499 AD
• Nobatae 500-550 AD
• Christian Nubian 550-1049 AD
② Other list changes
• Kardakes Hoplites added to Achaemenid Persian 419-329 BC list.
• Irregular Foot added to Seleucid 300-206 BC list.
• Tweaks to Indian (Rajput) and Ghaznavid lists.

Many thanks to Paul Adaway for all the new units/textures.
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A new update for EVERSPACE 2 just showed up (Offline & GOG Galaxy).

1.2.39656 - Incursions Update (April 29, 2024)

• Added new endgame activity: Ancient Incursions
• Added new legendary items
• Added new front and rear ship modules
• Added new type of ship module: cockpit
• Added legendary catalysts
• Added new item bonus attributes
• Added new Ancient Rift stage mutators
• Added new Ancient Rift boss variations
• Added option to enable Lumen GI on DirectX 12
• Added option to save photo mode settings
• [PS5, Xbox Series X|S] Added controller button remapping
• [Windows: Steam, GOG, Microsoft Store] Added native DUALSHOCK®4 and DualSense™ wireless controller support
• [Windows: Steam, GOG, Microsoft Store] Added new plugins: Nvidia DLSS 3.5 upscaler with frame generation, Nvidia Reflex latency reduction, Intel XeSS upscaler, AMD FSR 3.0 upscaler


• Legendary items can now roll as “Radiant” grade with superior, but randomized, attributes
• Legendary items will now rarely drop from High Risk Areas (Level 15+, “Rare” decoder quality and above)
• Reworked Scout ULT “Shadow Strike”
• T4 ships can now equip 3 legendary items
• Ancient Rift stage mutators are now associated with varying loot quality bonuses
• Increased “Nightmare” difficulty scaling curve
• Increased the maximum Lunacy in Ancient Rifts from 1000 to 2000 and changed the step size from 50 to 100
• Removed damage and shield regeneration increase in sunlight bonus attributes
• Removed "Dismantling Quality" attribute from cargo units
• Changed Opulence Treasury Unit effect
• Dismantling will now always yield all lower rarity resources
• Reduced tractor beam range bonuses provided by sensors, energy cores and cargo units
• Removed "5% chance to drop Credits with each hit" bonus attribute
• Changed critical hit chain attribute calculation
• The following mutators will now scale with the Lunacy level in Ancient Rifts: “Enemy Regen”, “Corrosive Death”, “Explosive Death” and “Mines on Death”
• Nanobots and Nano Injectors can no longer be used when hull is at 100%
• Balancing: Reduced Stabilizer Missile damage bonus
• Balancing: Reduced Okkar Protector orb damage
• Balancing: Reduced “Rapid” Affix/Catalyst effect from 20% to 15%
• Balancing: Increased Kinetic/Energy damage Catalyst effect from 25% to 30%
• Balancing: Reduced “Barrage” Catalyst damage bonus and increment from 40%/4% to 30%/3%
• Balancing: Slightly increased Gauss Cannon energy consumption
• Balancing: Increased “Utility” device damage scaling
• Controls Customization Menu: Improved usability through collapsing headers and improved binding validation
• Add options to GameUserSettings.ini to customize the framerate limit in menus (defaults to 60fps)
• Added lock-on sound for Outlaw Sniper Drones
• Sticky Turrets will now be deployed towards the aim direction
• UI: Photo mode UX and UI overhaul to improve usability (especially with gamepad)
• UI: Added option to choose previous ship in hangar when using gamepad (was ‘next ship’ only)
• UI: Added confirmation prompt if player tries to skip the tutorial
• UI: Tweaked ship buying process to hide popping of purchased ship in some situations
• UI: Added recenter action to map tab when using gamepad
• UI: Added weapon range hero stat sorting option to equipment item selection
• UI: Improved display logic of loot message log entries within containers to make it more consistent
• UI: Added numerous fade in animations for many (sub-) menus and modal widgets including SFX for a more responsive user experience
• UI: Improved internal handling of changing the active player ship to avoid memory issues after extensive usage
• UI: Introduced caching of many widgets to eliminate hiccups and improve performance on repeated usage and ultimately avoid freezes in rare cases
• UI: Hiding truly empty blueprint slots within crafting tab
• UI: Shop buy action button rendered inactive for already unlocked devices on offer
• UI: Sorting inventories with keyboard actions now results in implicit display of static item tooltip (stat card)
• UI: Improved logic of augment and device shine animation
• UI: Speeding up shop inventory view style action when switching from list to grid view and vice versa
• UI: Fixed that no error message was shown when trying to store multiple items to a fully occupied storage inventory
• UI: Fixed overlapping of stat card hero values in space and item shop in rare cases
• UI: Fixed cutoff unlock banner description text in some languages
• UI: Fixed unassigned ship cycle action button when using joystick input in some cases
• UI: Fixed that slot highlight frame could flicker while expand cargo inventory animation
• Integrated community suggestions for translation improvements from Crowdin


• Fixed that when viewing a ship in the hangar that was not used last time and had 3 “Escort Duty” items installed, your current ship would get damaged
• Fixed High-Velocity Catalyst description
• Fixed freighters in distress calls not playing jump out sound when leaving
• Fixed that Interceptor regarded destroying mines as a "kill" to extend weapon overdrive for +1s
• Fixed that equipment that had been damaged before entering a Rift was not correctly damaged when returning
• Fixed that the description of the 4th orb perk did not mention ship speed
• Fixed that devices/consumables could be selected (but fortunately not used) when remote-controlling a drone
• Fixed right-hand-side UI elements disappearing when remote-controlling a drone and stopping any of the hacks before they're finished during "The Eye"
• Fixed that Energized Boost did not move player ship forward when there was no boost energy left
• Fixed crash when entering a location or using cruise drive without having a thruster equipped
• Fixed Madcap Pods being hostile towards other player enemies in Ancient Rifts
• Fixed item duplication bug in rifts
• Fixed Quantum Tether not forwarding corrosion damage
• Fixed that re-rolling attributes could sometimes produce two identical mining attributes
• Fixed that boosting buffs were only applied/removed on new boost start
• Fixed that pilot radio chatter events were triggered constantly when healing events took place
• Fixed that energy shield condition falsely removed damaged and overheat debuffs, leading to permanently damaged and overheated items states
• Fixed Gauss Cannon having wrong weapon mesh
• Fixed that hitpoint bars of turrets were shown in rifts and HRAs when hidden HP modifier is active
• Fixed wrong amount of cargo slots when switching ships in hangar
• Fixed that Reactive Radar was only dropping in Union
• Fixed that G&B allies in high-risk areas died too easily
• Fixed G&B Fighter, G&B Light Fighter and Coalition Fighter having almost no hitpoint and damage increase coming with their Elite rank
• Fixed that Interceptor passive refunded secondary ammunition without activated ultimate
• Fixed an edge case in which after loading a savegame a "return from rift" animation at Spatial Bypass locations was played
• Fixed that the Execution Effect of Grim Reaper and Executioner could be transferred via quantum tether
• Fixed that the dogmatic scanner web effect did not apply when using Sentinel ult and probably other effects not applying using sentinel ult
• Fixed Redemption 2-Set bonus working too well
• Fixed that System Recovery Routine consumable and Unyielding Assault perk would not completely remove overheated status from items
• Fixed that Quantum Entangler would switch targets when player switches targets
• Fixed that scorpion missiles would not teleport beyond base weapon range when using a Scout with increased weapon range
• Fixed that Maddocks' freighter looked different during “Paving The Way” compared to other missions (always has the “Paving the Way” look now)
• Fixed missile defense system attacking sticky turret capsules
• Fixed that hidden cargo drones were attacked by enemies
• Fixed TrackIR not working correctly in some locations
• Fixed that analogue input for scrolling would not work in all menus, and rebinding it did not work.
• Fixed that missile lock HUD marker animation was still showing after switching to a secondary weapon without homing/lock ability
• Fixed that shadow creatures gained weight after returning to their initial position, which made them more difficult to move
• UI: Fixed a crash when moving large quantities of items between ships & storage
• UI: Fixed level and demand info within item icon which wasn't refreshed properly in some cases
• UI: Fixed that decal reward items did not show the proper icon in loot message log
• UI: Fixed an issue that impacted performance after hovering between two items in quick succession
• UI: Fixed wrong or missing item amounts of some loot message log entries (e.g. after “Take All” from containers)
• UI: Fixed possible flickering of action buttons within team credits while scrolling with gamepad
• UI: Fixed minor issues while selection style slots in ship customization menu
• UI: Fixed potential bug in tutorial in case a player uninstalls devices before a certain main mission
• UI: Fixed missing sfx when clicking inventory sorting buttons
• UI: Fixed missing “new” indication for mission relevant shop items in some missions
• UI: Fixed that storage items were not listed in item selection of inventory tab when docked on homebase
• UI: Fixed that the unlock banner could still be overlapped by dialog boxes in rare cases like job completion chatter
• UI: Fixed a couple of smaller issues within equipment item selection
• UI: Fixed a couple of smaller issues within save game info widget
• UI: Fixed issues in modify tab when selecting a category with an empty item list
• UI: Fixed that opening and closing the in-game menu simultaneously could render the game unresponsive in some cases
• UI: Fixed that the modify progress circle in re-rolling panel covered item attributes
• UI: Fixed different icon sizes of loot message log entries in some cases
• UI: Fixed that switching the shop inventory view style from list to grid might crash the game in some cases
• UI: Fixed that device charges could show up for every item in a loot container if at least one item is a device with charges
• UI: Fixed that device inventory item charge indication count wasn't updated when adding extra charges by selecting a specific device mode
• UI: Fixed that the shine animation of a fully stacked mainframe component was accidentally displayed on other items after sorting
• UI: Fixed that the item price isn't refreshed after modifying item level or rarity
• UI: Fixed a bug that cargo space wasn't properly updated after crafting a cargo unit into an empty cargo unit slot (might have led to negative cargo ratio)
• UI: Fixed that item tooltip in shop was sometimes not showing
• UI: Fixed that price label of a device was accidentally displayed in mastery preview
• UI: Fixed that modify action could be executed twice under some circumstances
• UI: Fixed broken 'other ships' category navigation of item selection in case of two owned ships
• UI: Fixed loss of focus when selling or buying ships with gamepad in some situations
• UI: Fixed that purchase and sell options dialog window actions could be executed multiple times
• UI: Fixed that credits animation in perk invest overlay wasn't colorized correctly on first use
• UI: Fixed issues within ship dealer in case menu tab was changed immediately after opening sell- or purchase dialogs
• UI: Fixed potential crash or exploit when changing the crafting slot while holding craft action button
• UI: Fixed potential loss of focus (freeze on consoles) in rare cases when opening 2 (cargo full) loot container screens in small succession
• UI: Fixed that device preview and item compare action were shown in footer when using mouse even though no item info was visible
• UI: Fixed that item info within catalyst selection wasn't scrollable using spacebar + mousewheel
• UI: Fixed accidental catalyst selection list refresh after installing one
• UI: Fixed that wrong perk slot details could be shown after returning from invest screen in some cases
• UI: Fixed that no error message was shown when trying to store multiple items to a fully occupied storage inventory
• UI: Fixed numerous minor visual glitches like overlapping elements, color adjustments and unintentional clipping
• UI: Fixed multiple issues with stuck animations especially when closing in-game menu and changing tabs within it

Known Issues

• Due to the Engine migration, all controls have been reset to defaults
• Due to the Engine migration, the game’s language might revert to your OS language
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Flotsam (In Development)

Updated to 0.8.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from SteamDB:

Hey Drifters,

Here's a small hotfix patch for 0.7.6, mainly fixing the issue with Architect Mode not working properly! We're also aware that the tooltips of upgrades can be incorrect due to this update, this will be fixed in the next hotfix patch :)

Early Access 0.7.6f1

• Fixed issue where Walkways were not stored correctly in the Architect Mode.
• Fixed issue where Architect Building Menu would remain open when Architect Mode was closed.
• Fixed issue where Birdhouse salvaging toggles would not be persisted.
• Fixed issue where the Upgrade Tooltip would show an incorrect resource amount.
• Fixed issue where some UI elements were cut off in the Building Panels.
• Fixed issue where the Fullscreen and Research Panels would not close on cancel.
• Fixed issue where 'R' would no longer reset the camera rotation.
• UI scale can now be scaled to 0.5.
• Draining Water on landmarks now has a drifter animation.
• Various small UI improvements.

Hey Drifters,

Here's another small hotfix patch for 0.7.6, mainly fixing some additional issues with the Architect Mode not working properly.

Early Access 0.7.6f2

• Fixed issue where Korean symbols defaulted to square symbols.
• Fixed issue where Drifter morale icons were not correct in regards to their attributes.
• Fixed issue where the Upgrade Tooltip was always the first Upgrade Tooltip shown during that session.
• Fixed issue where the Control Mapper data was not saved.
• Fixed issue where you could open the SurvivalGuide and Map in the Architect Mode.
• Fixed issue where the boatwake would spawn an error, clogging log files.
• It is no longer possible to apply in Architect Mode while moving a building.
• Various small fixes to landmark salvageables.
• Various small UI Improvements.

Hey Drifters,

Another quick hotfix patch, mainly fixing an issue with rescue landmarks that could cause the game to no longer be savable.

Early Access 0.7.6f3

• Fixed issues with the persistence of rescue landmarks, which caused the game to no longer be savable.
• Fixed issue where a rescue landmark could be completed multiple times upon saving and loading subsequent to rescuing the drifter.
• Fixed issue issue where boats could be left abandoned on landmarks after saving and loading twice while drifters were doing that landmark's tasks.
• Fixed issue where using the overlay button to open the Architect Mode could cause the water to remain in Architect Mode even after exiting the mode.
• Fixed issue where the energy overlay button did not open the energy overlay.
• Fixed issue where clicking on research notifications would no longer open the Tech Tree.
• Drifters with items in their inventory no longer become immobilized when storage space is unavailable.
• Various small UI improvements.
0.8.0: Farming OUT NOW!

0.8.0: Farming

Hey Drifters,
Farming is here!
For the longest time, sustaining a large town with food has been notoriously challenging, often resulting in a ton of unhappy drifters. Additionally, obtaining early-game food has been tricky and came with a needless amount of pollution. In short: the food pipeline just wasn't great. We've been building towards changing it for the longest time, and are ready to roll out the first changes :)

So let's jump into the details: In patch 0.8.0, The entire food pipeline has been reworked, polluted food is no longer a thing. Fields and Corn have been added, along with a Fish Farm where various fish can be cultivated. Additionally, known features of the game have been improved; the Seaweed Grower now functions as a farm, and overall pacing adjustments have been made.

You might have noticed that the Doctor is useless when there's no pollution, and you're right! We're keeping her in for now as pollution will play a different part in the future. We've also decided not to make the Farmer specialist, as there was too much overlap with the Botanist.

What's next?

The Chef is next on the horizon! We'll be introducing new crops and culinary food. As well as player control over what food your drifters eat :)

We might throw in some small patches inbetween, too. As we're brewing with the idea of adding a biofuel pipeline with the seaweed, and making some changes to weights. More info soon.

Early Access 0.8.0

This patch introduces Crops, Fish Farming and improvements to the Seaweed Grower!

• Reworked the entire food pipeline, changing most recipes. Re-balanced pacing of food creation. 'Icky' food is now much easier to produce, while 'Yummy' food requires proper pipelines.
• Reworked Food Pollution. Food no longer has any pollution value. Pollution will be re-introduced later on in a different manner.
• The above change makes the Doctor useless this patch, they will make a re-appearance later.
• The Seaweed Farm now continuously produces seaweed, without needing to refresh the spores.
• New construction: The Fish Farm. Here, you can slot in 'Broodstock' that will lay eggs. These eggs will grow into adult fish when fed, allowing you to harvest them. The Broodstock will remain in the farm and continue spawning eggs until removed.
• New construction: The Animal Chow Grinder. This building allows the creation of various Animal Chow. Various Animal Chow is needed to feed fish in the Fish Farms.
• New construction: The Seaweed Spinner. The Seaweed Spinner now handles Seaweed recipes, while the Chop Shop has changed to handle Icky fish recipes.
• New construction: The Manual Dryer. You can now build a Manual Dryer to dry Wet Wood into Dry Wood. This increases the speed by which you can get Dry Wood in the early game and fixes some of the pacing issues.
• Re-balanced the early game to depend much less on passive buildings. The early buildings had a high dependency on waiting, not allowing direct fixing of problems when they arose. Changes to the Desalinator, Chop Shop and more should now relieve that.
• Removed constructions: Drying Rack (the one slot version), Solar Still, Fish Sticks.
• Added freshwater farming, you can now grow crops! Crops grow by consuming water and can be harvested once fully grown.
• New Construction: Field (1x1 - 5x5)
• New Crop: Corn
• Temporarily added Corn to supermarket landmarks, which can be used to cultivate more Corn.
• With the introduction of fields, we've made water cheaper to produce. This alleviates early game worries, but this ramps up mid-game and end-game with fields.
• Increased yields of Fish Schools and added small variance.


• Behind the Scenes: Changed how items are handled in the game.
• Selecting drifters in the drifter overview while the 'LevelUp' filter is active now opens the Drifter Expertise page.
• Added various animations.
• Various small fixes and balancing.


• Fixed issue where pressing ESC would close a panel and open the main menu at the same time.
• Fixed UI issue where players would select the 'boat' option to salvage a landmark again, it would act as 'swimming' instead.
• Fixed issue where the building panel's scrollbar would often be jittery.
• Fixed issue where weight was not displayed above some buildings.
• Fixed issue where a save game could not be loaded because a building was being removed during loading.
• Fixed issue where the architect mode breaks when attempting to move a building that a drifter was going to.
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Ctrl Alt Ego

Updated to 1.4.2

Changelog from SteamDB:

Patch Notes v1.4.2

• Bug 22 was refusing to stay on the train at merging station location! Due to a physics change I made a few patches back, now resolved.
• Defragmentation location, added something to the buglock door to prevent Bug22 being able to glitch through the door

Patch Size: 8 MB
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A new hotfix update for Roboquest is now available (Offline & GOG Galaxy):

Hotfix 1.2.1 - 107 (April 30, 2024)
• Removed instances of situations where you'd spawn within the ground in the basecamp
• Fixed a crash occurring when the client player would unlock the Sunglasses and get back to the basecamp
• Fixed a crash occurring when the host player starts the game right after their brobot has joined
• Fixed a crash occurring when a brobot would join while the host is generating fury points in the practice range as the Commando
• The Gorilla Bolter can no longer roll the Buckshot affix twice
• Not finishing Doom Gardens before the timer expires will no longer result in a end-screen showcasing a Crystal Powder gain
• Deactivated the difficulty selection while searching for a quickplay
• You can no longer be stuck with the pause menu open when combining several inputs in a row with the gamepad
• Fixed a bug with the Yoyo item not properly working
• The Transformer-Toy summon now properly appears for the other player when you pick it
• Fixed a bug with the Mini-Cricket not shooting exactly on your crosshair
• Fixed an issue with the Mini-Cricket not shooting at the usual maximum range for all weapons (50m) - its fall-off range is still at 12m
• If you added a perfumed affix to your unique weapon (Handgun, The Shovel or Buddy Bot), Smithing Ted will no longer remove it when upgrading it to Fantastic in the Oasis
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Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Patchnotes for 30/04/2024



• Sheep - Sheep spawn odds have been reduced (from 60% to 40%).
• Conquest Titanomachy - Added AOE attack to the Titan once lvl 5
• Map generation - 2 zones will always be left without foes around TownHalls


• Fixed map generation for conquest mission Far from the Eyes
• Fixed map generation for conquest mission Left Behind
• Fixed loading Titanomachy save granting an upgrade to AI Titan
• Fixed winter assault in conquest mission Lands of Oblivion
• Fixed Militia/Sentry not entering ally territory if other tile was crossed by the units
• Fixed a crash when loading a save with Vedrfolnir scouting but the owner was dead
• Rig’s saga - Mission 4 fixed first objective validated after building the Longship dock
• Cross of Vidar - Mission 3 fixed crash when overing lore info
• Snake - Fixed Scorched on enemy tile before 803
• Snake - Fixed Scorched earth for kröwn building
• Snake - Fixed Scorched earth amount displayed for kröwn reward
• Snake/Raven - Fixed kröwn reward on tile with port for Scorched earth and raid
• Raven - Fixed recruited mercenary vanishing after a raid leaves a tile
• Dragon - Fixed Thrall not increasing sailor production
• Horse - Fixed Great tower upgrade without the lore unlocked
• Owl - Fixed UI displayed when Iron wood mine on neutral tile

Known Issues

• Crash may occurs when searching a ranked lobby
• Visuals - Sometime unit and building can walk/be placed in the water
• Dragon - Thrall are not counted in the world info on Longship Dock
• Translation - Missing some localisations
• UI - Some text issues
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Updated to 20240430-1524

Changelog from SteamDB:

BUGFIXES - APR 30 2024

Hauskaa vappua! Here's some bug fixes and small balance tweaks to the Epilogue 2 update.


• UPDATE: Tapion vasalli is a little tamer now


• BUGFIX: UI - Lengthy item names (i.e. complex potions) would leak outside the info box
• BUGFIX: Performance - melted plastic in huge quantaties caused performance problems
• BUGFIX: Fungal Shift - fungal shifting into a rare material caused the game to crash
• BUGFIX: Rare crash caused by tracking biomes (Thank you Dexter Castor Döpping)
• BUGFIX: Game could crash when killing a Kummitus with a lot of HP
• BUGFIX: Henkevä potu is no longer a homing target when held in hand
• BUGFIX: Player could be deleted when traveling back and forth extreme distances instantly
• BUGFIX: Unkilled Kivi caused stain problems
• BUGFIX: Soft lock could occur when ending the game underground with a large number of orbs
• BUGFIX: Fixed several enemy perks being broken in Nightmare Mode (huge thanks to pudy248 for the fixed code!)
• BUGFIX: Extra Life perk now changes the icon to indicate when it has been spent
• BUGFIX: Deadly heal should behave more nicely now


• MODDING: Lua - added CellFactory_HasTag
• MODDING: GameEffectComponent - mIsExtension being false could crash the game
• MODDING: BossHealthBarComponent added - the new healthbar behavior is moved to here
• MODDING: MagicNumber BUGFIX_NEVER_DEFAULT_SERIALIZE_PLAYER added to control how player entity is serialized
• MODDING: -enable_unsafe_paths command argument added, it allows the game to access all files on your hard drives
• MODDING: -enable_recording_stuff command argument added, allows debug recording tools to be used
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Updated to v4.2.0g (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from SteamDB:
Megaquarium v4.2.0 - Spring cleaning update!

Greetings curators!

Behold the spring cleaning update - an update dedicated to minor improvements and bug fixes that have been raised by the community. Let's take a look!

Let your researchers take a break

When playing with mods there can be a lot to research, and that means a lot of popups. Many Megaquarium players asked for a way to opt-out of research. Now there is a setting that allows you to do that. Options -> Interface -> Allow no research project -> On; Now the game will no longer force you to have an active research project.

Warning: Your ecology and science points will be wasted so unless you're playing with mods I'd recommend leaving it off!

Speaking of the research windows, I've also optimised them so they load quicker, especially when there is a lot of research.

Objects on objects on objects

This update brings improved support for scenery objects that are mounted on other bits of scenery for a more modular build-style. While not currently featured in any official content, there are mods that make use of this feature on our workshop and now they are easier to work with and appear correctly in tanks of all depths.

Science consumption - red or purple?

After the launch of Deep Freeze several players requested that the science consumption icon be changed from red to purple. Their justification was that, yes the science was lost, but it isn't a bad thing, as it is a deliberate choice by the player.

After some testing, I've decided that I agree. Science consumption is now purple.

There are many other tiny fixes, all listed below. If you notice any bugs while playing do let me know.

While this update is more of a tidy-up, I can reveal I have been working on more substantial things which I look forward to sharing with you in the future.

Thanks and enjoy!

Tim Twice Circled


• Feature: Added option to allow the game to continue without a selected research project.
• Feature: Improved resolution detection code across operating systems and added a "Detect Native Resolution" button.
• Feature: Added separate float up/down in 1st person mode hotkey.
• Feature: Added option to toggle anti-aliasing (always on before).
• Feature: Added autosave period option.
• Balance: Excluded Divider from levels 1 and 2 but added a tutorial to introduce them properly in level 3.
• Balance: Level 2, removed size requirement from wall tank objective. Any new wall tank will do.
• Balance: Level 3, allow any type of deep tank (including corner and observer) for the deep tank objective.
• Balance: Level 10, reordered objective rows in Builder Blackmail objective.
• UX: Slightly reduced start height of floating cost-text when you place a new item.
• UX: Science consumption from Abyssal Tanks is now purple rather than red.
• UX: Show active swimmer/flyer range in build menu (min-max).
• Fixed bug: Objective rows no longer get stuck red after flicking from complete to not-complete in quick succession.
• Fixed bug: Staff with power tools equipped caused all item toggles in advanced tab to be red.
• Fixed bug: Could not walk through tunnels in 1st person mode.
• Fixed bug: Fixed centre of 'u' tank.
• Fixed bug: Build menu refreshes when you unlock a new food via a merchant process, even if the staff tools window was the last one opened.
• Fixed bug: Raised parrotfish and triggerfish lower bounds by 5cm.
• Modding: Objects hosted on objects hosted by tanks now appear in the right place, both while placing and after placement.
• Modding: Objects hosted on objects hosted by tanks now appear in the tank's contents list and affect system chemistry and aquascaping. Animals will not function correctly unless hosted directly on the tank.
• Optimisation: Improved load time of research window especially with lots of extra animals from mods.
• Optimisation: Staff item/skill toggles on advanced tab reuse data structures to reduce memory allocations.
• Optimisation: Enabled Unity's incremental GC.
• Miscellaneous: Dumbo Octopus scientific name changed to: Opisthoteuthis Californiana.
• Miscellaneous: Upgraded Unity version to 2019.4.40f1. Should be no change in-game but mentioning it in case it introduces any bugs.
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No Man's Sky

Updated to 4.65_Orbitals_121808 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from the official website:
Orbitals Patch 4.65

May 1, 2024.

Hello everyone,

Thank you to everyone playing the No Man’s Sky Orbital update, especially those taking the time to report any issues they encounter via Zendesk or console crash reporting.

We are listening closely to your feedback, and have identified and resolved a number of issues. These fixes are included in patch 4.65, which is now live on Steam and will be coming to other platforms as soon as possible.

Bug Fixes

• The weapon upgrade shop on the space station is now easier to interact with.
• Fixed an issue which could cause damage to your ship when firing some ship weapons.
• Fixed an issue that prevented frigate fleet expeditions from redeeming monetary rewards in currencies other than Units.
• Fixed an issue that could cause some player bases to fail to upload.
• Fixed an issue that could cause player ships to dock incorrectly.
• Fixed an issue that caused the trade surge data to track revenue rather than profit.
• Fixed a number of issues with loading player customisation data.
• Fixed an issue that caused some Multi-Tools to appear too large in the terminal aboard the Space Station.
• Fixed a rare blocker in A Trace of Metal related to gathering components from Specialist Polo.
• Fixed a rare blocker that could affect the base specialist missions.
• Fixed a number of Space Anomaly mission problems that could occur when going through the centre of the galaxy.
• Fixed a blocker in the Nexus mission to deliver pearls.
• Improved the display of language names in the Options menu.
• Fixed a number of potential text issues in the Nexus construction missions.
• Improved the names of fleet expeditions in the galaxy map.
• Fixed a number of text issues in fleet intervention missions.
• Fixed some minor text issues in conversations with the Atlas.
• Fixed a number of misleading UI issues when an expedition has expired but the game is still active.
• Fixed an issue that caused the holographic preview of living ships in the Starship Outfitting Terminal to be scaled incorrectly.
• Fixed an issue that caused the holographic preview of Interceptor ships in the Starship Outfitting Terminal to be missing parts.
• Tweaked the appearance of NPC holograms in the Starship Communicator.
• Fixed a number of visual issues with NPCs.
• Fixed a number of minor visual issues with the Space Station.
• Fixed a motion smoothing issue when playing PCVR.
• Fixed an issue with flickering graphic artefacts when playing PCVR.
• Fixed an input conflict between pulse boost and scroll when using the ship quick menu on PSVR.
• Improved stability by optimising memory usage.
• Improved game stability on Switch.
• Fixed a memory leak related to building textures.
• Fixed a rare crash related to destructible props.
• Fixed a rare crash when rendering complex scenes.
• Fixed a rare crash related to navigation.
• Fixed a crash to white screen while teleporting which can occur when discovery data has become corrupted.
• Fixed a rare crash related to creature movement.
• Fixed a rare crash related to the third person camera.
• Fixed a rare crashed related to player weapons.

We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.

Thank you,
Hello Games
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Slay the Princess

Updated to End of Everything Update 1.2d for Windows, Linux and Mac.

Changelog from SteamDB:

5/1 Small UX Patch Notes

Added a hot-key to toggle auto-advancing text ("T" on keyboards, left face button on controllers).

Added a toggle for auto-advancing text in the preferences menu.

Clicking to the next line no longer automatically disables auto-advancing text.

At this point, you should now be able to do anything you can do with the quick menu via controller/hotkey inputs, so don't forget you can turn the quick menu off in the preferences.

All the best,
Tony and Abby
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Old World has been updated to version 1.0.72162 (GOG update number 73049).

Changelog from the developer's website:

Headline changes

Archipelago map script improvements
Event tweaks and improvements
Changes to how players starting reserved city sites are calculated and displayed


Archipelago map script improvements. Maps are now 20% bigger than normal maps (down from 40%), large islands are bigger and added Water Size map option
The number of reserved city sites (sites near start location not occupied by Tribes) is now set by the Tribal Strength setting
The percentage of reserved city sites that are occupied by Barbarians is set by Difficulty
Empty reserved sites are revealed on founding your capital
Many events restructured and tweaked
Events that offer ambitions are no longer canceled if the ambition is completed before dealing with the event
Most missions that can result in an event no longer do so on Minimal event level
Launch Offensive now costs 800 training, up from 600
Peaceful nations borders now count as neutral instead of friendly territory for the purposes of healing
Tribal invasions can occur only if one of the player’s cities is reachable from one of the tribe’s settlements
Minor Cities now give +10% defense and no longer give Discontent
Removed Cult events from Competitive mode (Sacred and Profane)
Removed Kush’s nation opinion modifier with Egypt
Added difficulty restriction (minimum the Just) for some events that might contain only war options
Improvements now allowed to be replaced by improvements of the same class (relevant for shrines)


Increased AI value for walls
Added InfoCulture.mePrevCulture/meNextCulture so culture levels are properly moddable.
Game editor can now decrease city culture by right-clicking
City starting culture now properly defined through InfoGlobals (for modders use)
Added bAbandonCity bonus (for modders use)
Better network match check logging
Added GreeceCampaign source folder and LearnByPlaying xml folders to the public reference folders
Recommended builds performance optimization


Turn summary now always shows birth of royal children
Events are now included in cloud game turn summary emails
Changed attack preview UI to be a tooltip so it can be locked
Removed redundant job line in character tooltip
Character tooltip no longer shows agent status for characters on other teams
Added new construction states for the Great Cothon and the Colosseum
Player turn text now shown in cooperative MP games
Cloud game descriptions now stored in the correct language for each player
Increased text ping character limit from 40 to 255
Removed heir-naming popup when the leader is not the parent
Notification header text can no longer wrap to a new line
Technology display is now right justified
Tooltip verbosity and formatting improvements
Changed ‘no worker suggestions’ option to ‘no action suggestions’. Enabling this option removes all unit, city and research recommendations.
Improvement ping dropdown improvements
In-game options popup shows the email address for that game, can be different per save
UI now updates after you kick a player from a cloud game through host settings
Added Occurrence log category for notifications and PBC emails
Tribal cities (not camps) now show player diplomacy status icon on the city banner
The power/knowledge display is now unambiguous in who it refers to
Help text for the spread religion option now shows yields that will be gained (from the Oracle, Tolerance etc)
Improved display of dropdowns on setup screen when scrolling

Bug Fixes

Fixed issue with animated resource display on AMD GPUs
Fixed some family icon issues
Fixed bonus ship cards not being shown on tooltips and the tech tree when the player has no coastal cities
Fixed automate button being shown in non-player cities
Fixed some UI interactions with canceling missions
Fixed null reference on religious council goal helptext
Fixed AI assigning a governor upon settling a new city, when it doesn’t have the orders to do so
Fixed enter/return not interacting with save browser prompts
Fixed Disjunction One Continent per Team maps sometimes having multiple teams on the same continent
Fixed duplicated tech prereq indicators
Fixed newly arrived characters past the fertility age being fertile
Fixed some asserts and null references when converting a cloud game to network
Fixed city links not spawning tooltips in some cases
Player and game names can no longer include multiple lines
Fixed children sometimes becoming infertile before adulthood (introduced in last weeks test update)
Fixed difficulty level tooltip
Fixed issues preventing missions from being canceled
Fixed mini tech display button not respecting tech tree settings
Fixed build recommendation stars not appearing
Fixed map script boundary tiles sometimes blocking out important sections of the map
Fixed Pharaohs of the Nile scenario 3 major victory not triggering on turn 40
No longer possible to rewind a cloud game to a surrendered player
Fixed Alt key sometimes getting stuck down, preventing keyboard shortcuts from working correctly
Fixed city screen recommendation assert errors
Fixed Arid Plateau random map settings
Fixed councilors not being selectable if slot is disabled (i.e. Spymasters after Agrippina dies)
Fixed city sort issues
Fixed city build recommendations and improvement ping icons not always updating immediately
Fixed lateral and dynastic succession when the founder is not related to the current leader
Fixed leader tooltip not locking on timeline screen
Text and event fixes
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Updated to v4.2.2g (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Born of Bread updated to - R3.2.1d (aka 3.2 on Steam)

Fixed "Well-traveled" achievement being impossible to unlock.
Fixed "Physiologus" achievement progression becoming stuck, making the achievement impossible to unlock.
Fixed "Insane Collector" achievement progression becoming stuck on 96/97.
Fixed "Pro Excavator" achievement counter that sometimes didn't progress when digging some dirt piles.
Modified the condition to unlock the Blessing of Will.
Changed the button displayed in the description for Feast.
Fixed the display of weapon names in the weapon menu.
Changed the choice box scaling when using a symbol-based language.
Fixed doors being interactable just after encountering an enemy, causing softlock in combat.
Fixed doors not stopping Buddies' ability when crossing them, allowing the player to walk around during Lint's ability.
Fixed dirt mounds items being permanently missable if entering a fight or exiting the level before picking them up.
Fixed Loaf becoming unable to interact and potentially softlocking if trying to eat an item while using the 4th Buddy's ability.
Fixed Basement's transition to Secret Cellar displaying a non-localized text.
Fixed an issue where Loaf was given back the ability to move too soon when buying battle cards in the shop in Chancy Chasm that could result in various blockers.
Fixed an issue where skipping the last cutscene before chapter 4 could result in a visual bug and a possible blocker.
Inputs have been disabled during the credits when skipping the last cutscene.
Can no longer jump into the water while triggering the cutscene in the Great Trunk.
Fixed Godfrey's quest dialogue bubbles.
Fixed the check for the golden save file texture.
Fixed the loading from a save file into the Undergrowth Threshold.
Changed the default request to a localized line.
Disabled input on game over buttons clicked and disabled the pause menu after dying from a battle.
Fixed Boon alphabetical filter button issue for all languages.
Disabled buddy ability & buddy switch during the trials.
Disabled enemy encounters when starting a transition to another level.
Fixed a camera issue when giving an item for all the gathering sidequests.
Dirt mounds won't spawn duplicate boons.
Fix the issue where sometimes in Coldstock cottage the walls would disappear

Added auto-saves after the peace talks cutscene in Lapwing Village, after Yagi's ability cutscene, after meeting Chloe's family, and after recruiting the fourth party member.
Fixed an issue where only the equipped buddy was healed when using rest areas.
Save Repair: Fixes the progression of "Racing Through the Mines" and adds missing sparks to the player's inventory.
The Holy Highlands map is now unlocked immediately after the introductory cutscene.
Changed the NPC dialogues in the summit after the campfire segment.

Fixed the objectives for "Racing Through the Mines" being reset when it gets canceled upon triggering a cutscene in Royal Town.
Give reward for sidequest “The Crow Code” through save fix if needed.
Save File Repair: added a check for "Sweet Success" to bypass the requirements and let stuck players finish it. Also added a cutscene check for a specific softlock in Royal Town during the Jester segment post chapter 3 caused by old issues.

Modified the way the platform in Modern Factory is handled when coming back to the level.
Tweaked the dialogue radius for Cornelius in Ground Floor, and the Coo in Cackle Coast.
Fixed collisions in Memory Core allowing the player to continuously respawn out of the map and be softlocked.
Fixed Shivery Caves' south exit transition being labeled as going to "Shivery Caves" instead of "High-Ice Hamlet".
Fixed a Save Point in Arteries that sometimes wouldn't work when coming out of the teleporter next to it.
Fixed transition from Secret Cellar to Basement being labeled as going to "Secret Cellar" instead of "Basement".
Tweaks to the teleport location of Loaf and the camera volumes in the bakery and in the sewers.
Fixed out of bounds in the introductory segment of the royal castle.
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System Shock Remake


Full-auto modkit now allow the AR to fire individual shots as fast as it should have.
A case where an empty hotbar slot could be highlighted as if it was equipped has been fixed.
The Hacker's gender no longer resets to male when loading a game. This is in order to handle 1.1 saves properly due to the field not being serialized. Bug only occurs when swapping between 1.2 female and 1.1 male saves.
Force update dismembered limb bounds when visible = true.